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GYAIG – It Begins!

Hello, friends!  Another weekend in the books, another Super Bowl complete, and another win for my NE Patriots!  I’m beyond happy as this Monday begins.


Last week I themed up the blog by using the world “create.”  This week I’m moving forward with having a weekly theme and it is based on the words Get Your Ass IGear also known as GYAIG.  No, I’m not directly talking to you, maybe indirectly, but this is more of my own little thing and if you want to jump on the train then consider this me slowing it down for you to hop on.

These happy people are looking at you on the platform and beckoning you to join in!

January is the popular month for health reassessment and goals but I always find that I do my “work” in February.  There are a few reasons for this.  The first being that I am a Scorpio and I don’t want to follow the crowd.  Seriously, I would love to celebrate Christmas in January just to be unconventional.  (Not kidding.)  The second reason is I feel more motivation in February.  Remember that spring starts in mid March and therefore I have a real reason to get myself on top of my game – shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, Mexico…just saying!

Lol....... Scorpio:
Because they are too big because I motivated you to get up and get sweating and eating right!

So there are a few areas I’m working on and sharing this week.  Yes, fitness.  Yes, nutrition.  Yes, cleansers/lotions/health and beauty.  If you’re interested I’m doing a Healthy Girl challenge via Snap Chat and Instagram Stories.  Each morning I give you a new challenge and you work to complete it every day – we’re doing this together.  We kicked it off on February 1st with the goal of taking in 100 ounces of water that day and then applying it to every day from the first forward.  February 2nd brought the challenge of refraining from processed foods.  February 3rd was checking your calendar to see if you are due for a physical and if you are to get it scheduled – remember they are FREE!  Blood spins, paps, and mammograms are all FREE and are all critically important in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

When you can never seem to scoot your butt close enough to the edge of the table during a pap smear.:
Via Buzzfeed – Hahaha.

This week I’ll go in for my incredibly lavish experience of getting the ole cervix swabbed.  Don’t let me be the only one spreading my legs for a healthy life.

Over the weekend there were other challenges including going on a random twenty-minute walk through your ‘hood or at the park (February 4th)  Sunday was a free day with no challenge and if you are like me you overdid all the good food for the Super Bowl!

Finding every opportunity for fun…:

If you think these challenges would be a good catalyst to help you out then I invite you to join me!  Snap Chat – abullnojoke  Instagram Cardiocabkeyboard.

So let’s work to GYAIG together.  This week is going to be beautiful.



11 thoughts on “GYAIG – It Begins!”

  1. Oh my word I needed this. Today was my GYAIG day and I didn’t even know it. Life has been hectic lately and I have yet to really find my focus so I said today was the day, woke up at 4:45 and hit the gym up for some weights already I even made myself do pushups. So yeah I am hopping on this train with you. Dont let me fall off ;). Now to find you on snapchat.

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