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Creating Floating Shelves

Earlier in the month my husband decided to make his favorite thing in the whole world: shelves.  I say this with a grin because the man would cover every square inch of our home in shelving if I let him!  Let me give you the back story on this particular project!

Our living room is a little funky.  Instead of four corners we have five.  Don’t ask, I don’t know. OK maybe I do  The house is old and the main support beam goes through the separation between the kitchen and living room.  There is also a stairway going up through it too.  Due to that stairway we have five corners instead of four.  Are you confused?


Designing or planning a room with five corners is a little difficult at times.  Two corners are no worry zones because one is behind a door and the other is at the entry to the hall.  Two other corners get plenty of “pretty” with some antique pieces.  Then there is the lone corner, in the back corner.  It looks like the perfect time out zone for a kid.  It is barren and bland and sad.


Since our home is old we lack a lot of functional space (i.e. Closets) and that also means I don’t really have an area that is truly an office.  When I blog it is generally from my kitchen island, couch, or bed.  I’m not complaining though.  It is what it is!  I imagine when the kids grow wings and take flight one of their rooms will become my office or maybe the play room will become my little hang out.  My husband thought he could build some shelving that also mimicked a desk for me in the fifth corner of our living room.

I really do love him a lot for thinking of me.  Now I get to be the old cow who tells you I told him no.  I just didn’t want a desk in our living room.  But why?  Because I’m terribly afraid it would become a catch-all and therefore an eyesore.

No worries!  I did not stop him from creating the shelves!

And my am I glad!


This is reclaimed wood off of….wait for it….an outhouse!  I’m not kidding you one bit!  My great grandparents had an outhouse behind their store.  Well I shouldn’t say had as it is still standing but you know what I mean, right?  It turns out the wood is starting to fall off the outhouse and that means we can recycle it.

My husband collected the wood that had given up on being apart of an outdoor loo and after a few days in his workshop created the most beautiful shelves for our living room.


The color of the wood is perfect in contrast with our flooring and wall shade.  Being funny my great grandpa had painted Hisn’ and Hern on the outhouse we were able to salvage some of that writing on the pieces that were reclaimed.  You cannot see them in these photos but I thought you should know they are there.

So there you have it – more creating this week of celebrating creativity in our home!



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