Creating a Football Feasting Sesh!

Continuing the theme I have set aside for this week:  CREATE!

As you are aware my team the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl.  I had toyed with the idea of having a Super Bowl get together saying no and then saying yes.  It has been decided that yes indeed I will celebrate this Super Bowl!

We can all agree that the Super Bowl is not complete without my favorite:  Buffalo Wings!  I could seriously eat them once a week if they weren’t so stinking bad for me.  If Buffalo style food is on your mind for the upcoming weekend but you are also watching the blood spins and middle may I suggest these recipes?

Simple Crock Pot Spicy Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Recipe! Only 3 ingredients needed to make this recipe. Perfect for Super Bowl or any day of the week. This easy slow cooker recipe is a family favorite!:
Find this via Pinterest

I love to make Buffalo chicken and then use it the following day to make enchiladas.  My recipe my differ a bit from this one off the friendly Pinterest site.  For my recipe all you need is about two pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast, a ranch packet, and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  Put the chicken and ranch packet in your crock pot and let it cook all day.  Shred it up with two forks and pour in your desired amount of hot sauce.  Let it all cook for about thirty more minutes and serve it up!  Simple and not very bad for you at all!

If you are looking for an even healthier alternative then put the chicken to the side and get a few heads of cauliflower.  This vegetable can be almost too versatile in the kitchen!  This will also save you on cholesterol and calories!

BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER WINGS Ingredients  1 head of cauliflower (approx. 4 cups of florets) ½ cup milk (for vegan: use water or almond or soy milk) ½ cup water 1 cup all-purpose flour (can sub gluten-free rice flour) 2 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp of paprika ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp ground pepper 1 cup frank's red hot sauce:
This is also a recipe via Pinterest.

I have found that we can totally take in an extra 2500 calories if we are not careful on Super Bowl Sunday.  I have also found that a huge hit at any event is a traditional vegetable tray chock full of tomatoes, celery, carrots, sweet peppers, and more.  Don’t forget to supply the vegetables and keep the healthy options right there next to the greasy ones.  I doubt you will have any left overs!

vegetable tray; how to put together a vegetable tray for a party; dairy free ranch dressing recipe; veggie tray:

If the weather is a little cooler than what they are expecting in Houston then may I suggest you support New England by making this simple and super delicious New England Clam Chowder?  We had it on Monday night and it was too delicious, guys!  I seriously could have downed the entire pot.  My husband and I love NE Clam Chowder and we are delighted to have such a great recipe now to use when we have a hankering for the chow-dah.

Easy recipe for New England Clam Chowder.:

Are sweets a true necessity for a Super Bowl party?  But of course!  This is the time of year you can channel that Christmas spirit and get your festive bake on again.  There are numerous ideas from sugar cookies made with football themed cutters to icings of your team colors.  I don’t go too overboard with team colors but I do go overboard with taste.  If you know me you know pineapple is my jam so I found this in honor of the game.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Trifle... This recipe is INCREDIBLE! Layers of cake, glazed pineapple mixture and cream... it is sure to be a hit wherever you serve it!:

Sure it has nothing to do with foobtall but how good does that look?  Now here is something that fuses my love for football and pineapples together!

The Cutest Super Bowl Pineapple Football DIY and it's EASY!:

That is sheer perfection, friends!  And it was found on Pinterest.

Beer is the no brainer for the big game.  I prefer my Mich Ultra and plan to have some ready to go at 6:30 (PM that is).  But what about football inspired cocktails?  Here in the south we take our football serious.  Just as serious as we take our bourbon!  Any Southern tailgate has plenty of the Kentucky Brown to go around.  This recipe from Fake Ginger calls for bourbon, pineapple juice (SOLD!), lemon juice, and get this..vanilla!

Tailgate Sipper - perfect cocktail for the Super Bowl! Fresh pineapple, bourbon, and a secret ingredient make these extra delicious!:

Alright, I covered some food and drink so now let’s cover some decor!  Let me be honest I will not be decorating for the Super Bowl.  My Christmas pom garland is in Patriots colors so yes it will remain up (not on a tree) but I’m not going crazy for decorating for this game.

With that being said I suggest you search up Pinterest for some free football printables! Here’s the link!

New England Patriots free print. Print this free: NFL Team Prints - Free Printables

Garden flags will also get you a long way with decorating…just saying!

Buying NFL team plates and bowls can get pricey since they are all a bunch of greedy jerks.  I recommend getting your team’s colors over at Dollar Tree.  Or better yet get more bang for your buck at Walmart’s party section.

And that my friends is how I am creating my Super Bowl get together!  How about you?  Falcons fans I’m not hating on you so be nice if you comment!



7 thoughts on “Creating a Football Feasting Sesh!”

  1. This is beyond Cray Cray, I literally just got the ingredients after work to make a pineapple trifle for the blog next month. Thought it would be a great possible Easter dessert. But heck yeah bring it in for Super Bowl baby. This is a big Sunday in your life babe and I love all the goodness and I love that you have healthy options as well. Well done…feast O Fabulous!!

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