Look Ma, No Crayons!

Hiya friends!  I hope your weekend was grand!  We had a nice one.  This week on the blog I am going to be following a theme – it isn’t a new one to the blog but I decided it would be way more fun to give it a whole week instead of a post once or twice a month.  Oh, so what is it?  Creating!  Winter brings a lot of indoor time and with that we either sit in front of a screen for too long or we end up making things!  Lately, it has been the latter.

Today I’m showing off what the kiddos and I got into on Friday evening!

Angie The Freckled Rose

Friday afternoon I picked up the littlest member of the family from school. As we were pulling away from the church/school he announced he needed some art supplies.  We like to get crafty on the weekends so I agreed we could get a few small things.

He opted for a wood treasure chest to paint and I opted for a clearance aisle scouring.  This is what I found and I was super excited:

Enter a caption

Alright, friends:  This is where I tell you – I hate to scrapbook.  But I love Heidi Swapp.  To make memory books I choose Heidi Swapp products because this woman really understands girls like me!

I’m not one for spending hours making pages with stickers and embellishments.  I like to stick a photo in the sleeve, add a sticker, and write a memory.  I’m not all about that life of drawers, boxes, and filing cabinets of scrapbook material.  Ir you are – I respect you and love you.  (Hey Ashley, that’s for you babe!)

Random thought: I wish I was being paid for this post so I could buy Heidi Swapp stuff.

Also, let me reiterate this was on clearance at my local Michael’s so yes I broke my no spend for this.  #didnotpersevere  – In my defense it was $5.  I know, no spend is no spend but at least it wasn’t something frivolous, right?

I had also picked up what is called “pre-cut decorative storage” as you see below.  It was bought just plain jane natural wood.  Thinking my nine-year old would like to do something with it, creatively, I put it in the cart. Well…she could care less about being creative and instead wanted to play Roblox (the addiction is real!)  So I took this little creation on and pulled out my paint, scrapbook paper, and Mod Podge and went to town.

No automatic alt text available.

My addiction for pineapples continues.

Loving it!

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11 thoughts on “Look Ma, No Crayons!”

  1. I am NOT a scrapbooker. I used to pretend to be one, but let’s face it. My kids pictures are now stored on the internet. Hahaha! Also, Michael’s pretty much paid you to take that out of the store at $5. I am going to have to check out Heidi Swapp, this sounds like something I could easily do. Have a great day!

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