What’s UP Wednesday 01/17

Time to catch you up on all things Amanda…eeeek!  Don’t leave!  Check out what all is going on and going down around my world.  I’m linked up with a whole bunch of lovely ladies for this one.

Image result for whats up wednesday link up

Image result for whats up wednesday link up
Omitting What I’m Wearing…I took ZERO pictures.


Two words:  Hello Fresh!  Click over to see what has been going down in our kitchen.  Want to try it?  Use my coupon code:  AMANDABUL for $40 off your first order!


I know I should be?  According to the link up, anyway?  But I’m not. I’m happy in this moment!


Patriots are Super Bowl bound – LOVING!
My silly girls.  They literally could sleep all day long on the weekends.


This kid.  Oh what a hoot.

LIFE!  It’s a new year and that is fabulousness.  This year is setting up nicely and I’m so excited about that.  I cannot wait to see what fun things will be unwrapped this year.  Right now I’m digging working out and challenging my readers to join in.  I’m totally happy with my husband being on first shift!  I see him now!  My kids are in a fun season too – the daughter is growing like a champ and really starting to grow into who she is.  My son is becoming a monster but hey he’s a boy!

And the Patriots!  YESSSSSS!

We’ve been up to…

The routine of school, swim, preschool, chilling out, church group.  The husband and I are working on plenty of home projects!  It may be the dreary time of year but we are busy with fun stuff.


Pap tests YOLO!!! The Gos!!:

Nothing really.  Well that lovely lady doctor visit is coming up…eeek.  I always get super nervous now that I am in my thirties.  Weird, right?

Working on


Our home!  We are always busy with home projects and DIY.  You can catch this one that I posted last week.  This month we’re tackling an overhaul of our laundry room and I cannot wait to show you what becomes of her!

Excited about

Beach life | Mexico:
I cannot wait to have a Corona is Mexico.  Just sayin’… And some good tequila!

I know it is a ways off but…spring & Mexico!  Hello ten years of marriage that is cause for celebration!

Also, the drawing-ever-closer end to winter.  Yeah, I know…


Caroline Fleming (official) @carolineflemingofficial So great to be ho...Instagram photo |:
My favorite Lady of London – Caroline Flemming!
TV Land has renewed the Teachers TV show for a second season. Are you a fan of this comedy series?:
Teachers on TV Land – Tuesday Nights 10pm – You will laugh too hard.

Ready?  OK – The Middle, American Housewife, RHOBH, Ladies of London, This Is Us, Fixer Upper, Teachers (and that’s just on Tuesdays!) The Goldbergs and Speechless on Wednesdays.  And…I found this awesome documentary series on PBS – Reel Life its produced by Susan Sarandon and it is so interesting.  The topics are varied.  If you like nerd TV then check it out.


The Best Yes  e-Order 1 copy today and you will receive for FREE….  The Best Yes Audio BookNew exclusive mini eBook from Lysa TerKeurst 2 minute “Thank you!” video from Lysa25 beautiful, sharable, printable quote images from the bookA keynote video message from Lysa TerKeurst about the heart of The Best Yes:
This books has really helped me start living the life I deserve to live.

I finished up that book I didn’t like one bit.  Turns out after about chapter ten or so I finally got into it.  (All Summer Long by Dorthea Benton Frank.)

I am half way through The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.  Great book and has totally inspired me.  Maybe I will get to Uninvited before 2019?

My next book is Truly, Madly, Guilty by Lianne Moriarty.  I love her books (with the exception of the last one of her’s I read.  The Hypnotist’s Love Story)

Listening to

Not kidding.  I was listening to them and really couldn’t figure out how I ever liked them.  But by God I did for a long time.  I just giggle now…oh Donnie you’re such a grown up now.  (Joey had my heart!)

Work out music is currently all the great work out mixes Amazon has to offer thanks to those of you on your (or off by now) resolution kick.  Other than that it is a total pop music world since my nine year old has told me countless times in the last month that -“Music is like my life, mom.”  Her favorite is Megan Trainer but she’s really picked up on Pink (clean edition only) and that makes this mama so happy.

Can I just say it is odd that Eric Church has a Rooms To Go furniture line now?  I mean, really?  I love some EC but that just threw me for a loop.  I thought he was trying to be the new outlaw and he is has a furniture line?  Sell on out, honey.

This weekend

Is it really depressing that I agree with this despite having a boyfriend I love dearly? Ah the things long distancing will do to you!:
LOL and married hahahaha!

No plans and that is OK!  Winter is coming back this weekend so I am thinking we will cook some good food and get a few Redbox flicks.  Anyone have any good Netflix recommendations?  We finished The Crown in December, Fuller House last weekend.  I started watching Kimmie Schmidt again but it doesn’t hold my attention well.

What else is new

You are fabulous. Inspirational quotes on PictureQuotes.com.:

I just want to take a second to tell you thanks for reading this blog!  I closed up shop on my old blog last fall and this project has been so near and dear to me.  I appreciate every single reader, commentor, emailer, and friend.  You guys are so incredible.  Thanks for making this new “home” so warm and fun!



17 thoughts on “What’s UP Wednesday 01/17”

  1. What? EC a furniture line, I figured a sunglasses line, but not Furniture. Joey had my heart too!!! Girl, your outlook is contagious, I LOVE that you live and love in the moment and I heart you BIG tIme!!! <3!!!! Have the best day darling friend of mine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just want to hang out with you, lol! You are so positive and upbeat and it makes me happy. We will be celebrating 10 years at the end of summer! Wahoo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. NKOTB are the jam! Hahahah. I used to be so in love! Also, that is kind of funny that EC has a furniture line. That is shocking to me. I almost picked up “Truly, Madly, Guilty” this weekend. And Teachers is a really funny show. How have I never watched Ladies of London? I mean, I feel like I should be watching since that show is like a Real Housewives. I think I will set my DVR. I am excited to hear how you like it. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Believe it or not…I had a pink sleeping bag of theirs too…and a poster and wall clock that I loved! And now when “Step By Step” I amaze my kids with my song knowledge…it’s probably more along the lines of embarrassing them but I have no shame!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I really want to try Hello Fresh! I may check it out next week. How long does it take to get your food after you place your order?
    I need to read The Best Yes, I have a serious problem with saying yes to everyone and then my calendar is full and I have a bad attitude about it.
    I LOVE American Housewife. It’s one of the first shows since Friends that has made me laugh out loud! I need to check out Teachers, too. Summer House is my new guilty pleasure. It’s similar to Southern Charm.
    Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I checked out an episode of summer house the other day but I feel like I was so lost so I need to start at the beginning! Hello fresh is pretty awesome I’m whenever you order you pick the date that you wanted to come to your house. That makes it so much easier I think. The best yes it’s great really great if it’s more about empowering women and I feel like then just learning to say no!


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