So You Want To


Hey hey!  Two Week Challengers – I wanted to put together the first week’s supplement challenges and show you what all you could have/should have/would have been doing over the course of the last seven days and maybe even inspire some of the outsiders looking in to join us! (Yes this is week 2!)

So the baseline is that you are giving your health and wellness a minimum of thirty minutes every day.  Yes, I know most of you aren’t giving it to yourself every day but if you can admit, honestly, that are you at least three days a week I will be OK with that (not happy but OK!)

Additions to the baseline have included the following (add these if you haven’t!)

  1.  Utilize online workout videos if you cannot get to the gym or are just starting out.  There is a plethora available through Youtube.  Just search it up.
  2. Tabata is the new way to work out quickly, efficiently, and get some great results.  I posted this up on Facebook for you last week: (Click see more on the post to see the quick workout for you to do!)

3.  Eat in season produce – and eat a lot of it.  It should be 75% of your intake today, tomorrow, and the next day.  It doesn’t have to be organic but some items are better if purchased organically (thin skinned fruits and veggies.)

4.  Pick a good play list to work out to.  I prefer Eminem, Pink, and old school rap.  I also like to switch it to an audio book every now and then or a sports pod cast.

5.  Up the water.  Duh.

6.  Walk…walk….walk.  Park as far away from the door as possible.  Forget the elevator, use those stairs!  Do you have a lunch break?  Find a greenway or anywhere you can make movement happen.

7.  Decrease the carbs and up the vegetables.

8.  Be calm for a minimum of 15 minutes a day.  Sit in silence, meditate or pray.

9.  Journal your food.

10.  Go OUTSIDE.  Yes it is winter but that does not mean you must stay indoors (unless it is -40 degrees where you are – then yes stay inside and book your flight to the shores of sunny Florida ASAP).  You need fresh air, Vitamin D, sunshine, and everything awesome outside the walls of your home.  Take a walk, go for a run, play with the kids in the yard.  Get outdoors to boost your immune system and mood.

Yes, our two week challenge is running out of days in the two weeks BUT I plan to continue to give you tips and motivation until January 31st when we regroup and I start up a new project with health, wellness, and blog love.  You can get all the motivation via my Facebook Page, Instagram, and Snap Chat (abullnojoke)!

30 Happy Quotes you must read                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Before closing out today I want to share this energy bite recipe from Pinterest that I love to have on hand:  Throw some in your purse, put them in the kid’s lunch or as their school day snack, great for trips and to pop before a work out or sport for an energy boost!  They are delicious!



Have a great Tuesday!



11 thoughts on “So You Want To”

  1. I love making energy bits. I always want to call out the elevator takers at work. Come on people, um, you’re going up one floor, come on!!! Then, they complain because they have to loose weight. Geez Louise!!! LOVE your tips sweetness!! Have a great day! xo

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  2. I told myself I was going to do better at the start of the year, I can’t say that I really have. I gotta snap out of this funk and find some focus soon.

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