Friday #3


Hallelujah…FRIDAY!  This is a TOTAL & COMPLETE hodge podge post.  Linked up with Katie, Christina, and Andrea.

Last week ended with temperatures in the seventies and it had begun with eight inches of snow and bitterly cold temperatures.  All I can say is if you persevere through the stuff you hate then you will get something you like (cold/snow is hated….warm/springy is liked!)

I was so happy my Patriots won last week.  Sorry, Texan friends.  It was great to see JJ Watt on the sidelines with his team though.  Y’all got that going for you!


Sunday was super fabulous.  Both kids were enjoying other family members so I got in exercise in the sunshine!  You may or may not have caught my post on Sunday.  I shared how Joshua and I have a little sumpin’ sumpin’ in common.

Hello Fresh came to us on Monday morning!  That made for an eventful dinner week.  There is a post coming your way next week about my experience.  If you are ready to try it use this code for $40 off your order:  AMANDABUL  This fresh meal delivery system is fabulous for my home!  Speaking of home, did you catch my post from Monday regarding 2017 home trends?  Check it!  I’m kind of in love with the majority!

Image may contain: 1 person
My girls enjoyed sleeping in on Monday.

Thankful for peace seekers like MLK Jr.  I wish his dream could come to life.  Maybe one day this world will get the answer to all our problems is simple – love.  Since we had a day off we went to Chick Fil A and then bought the Little Man a new pair of kicks.  They make him run really fast.

My husband announced this week he is about ready to be finished up with home projects for a while.  I’m good with that.  Did you see what he made me lately?

Shout out to Elizabeth.  The other swim mom slash friend from school slash same sense of humor as me.  We hang out together after my work outs and for the last portion of swim practice.  This week she bestowed upon me a box of Girl Scout Cookies – they made a great post work out snack.  Bahaha!  But really, though.

You know I love my bitchens.

This week was busy but afforded us a lot of outdoor time.  I enjoyed getting in a couple miles three days this week at the park.  After preschool the little man and I enjoyed checking the plants, feeding the chickens, and just being in the warm sunshine.  Spring c’mon and stay!  Are you in the two week challenge?  Or are you looking for a springy dish to fix this weekend?  Check here!!!

I am wrapping up this week in the hair chair and then having dinner with my bestie (who I haven’t seen since September, what?) tonight.  We have a monsoon moving in this weekend so it will be perfect pajamas all day slash football watching weather – GO PATRIOTS!

Happy weekend, lovelies!



17 thoughts on “Friday #3”

  1. Happy Friday beauty! You’ve had a stellar week. Monsoon is here today for us! Let the dog out this morning to wade through puddles, ugh! Have a ball tonight and keep on keeping in this great weekend ahead!! xo

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  2. Mom/team/school friends make life so much better! 🙂 My daughter wants those pony bed sheets so bad but Target only carries Pillowfort up to a full size and doesn’t make queen! 😦 Happy weekend!

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  3. Amanda, you are my spirit animal! Hahahaha! Seriously though, I busted out laughing with your chicken picture and then hair chair. It’s amazing how those shoes can really increase speed. Have a great weekend!

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  4. Just popping in from the link up. I’ve been trying to convince Hubby to get chickens for years, but he thinks the bees are more than enough for now. Hope you are able to relax and have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the hair chair :).

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  5. Yes to perseverance…..and Chik Fil A! I really wish we had a Chik Fil A closer to us. My husband is notorious for starting house projects and then taking forever to finish them (or worse, not even finishing them!). I’ve told him to please stop! My daughter starts selling Girl Scout cookies soon….can’t wait! Enjoy your monsoon weekend! I love jammie all day days!

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