Project: Me!

This is me writing this post.  HOT MESS, Lord bless it.  #mostdays

January means making changes.  Lost in the chaos of exercise, health, debt reduction, and whatever other popular themes there are I’m going to add myself to this.  Sure, all the others add up to one self but c’mon there’s fun stuff in the process too.


I love the January hair chair time.  Tomorrow is my hair day and boy, do I need it!  My “sparkle” roots are shining through (some days more than others) and since 2017 is not the year I’m ready to go grey I’m going to cover them up again.  In the fall my magnificent Lizz made me a head of dark blonde, red, and brown.  Now it’s time to start embracing the impending (yes, I said impending) spring.

But I’m torn!  I really love the color I have now but my heart longs for my “stripper” hair – blonde!  (It’s OK!  We both refer to that bottle blonde as stripper hair!)  No – my goal is NOT to look like a stripper but we have sick senses of humor!

beauty and hair inspiration // up-do beautiful blonde look:
Highlights are happiness!  So are freckles! (Pinterest)


All Grey Day // Fashion Look by Stephanie Danielle:
Looks like a stripper but the hair….yes. (Pinterest)
Coffee and cream highlights and lowlights:
This one is dubbed coffee & cream. Of course I love it.  (Pinterest)

Then there is the change – 2017 is not the year I cut my hair off again.  Of course I don’t plan on cutting it off again on purpose ever again.  But some change are always welcome.  I have pondered inverted lob and the addition of bangs but when it comes to my hair I’m a waffle girl.

Like how this is shorter in the back:
This girl is all over Pinterest for her hair.  Hope she isn’t getting royalties, jealous.  
50 Best Side Swept Bangs | herinterest.com - Part 2:
Kristen Bell – so pretty best bang rocker besides my girl Reese W.  (Pinterest)

Like I said, I waffle with hair so my girl will just have to decide for me.

Make up

2017 is the year I returned to the foundation brush.  In college I lived by the foundation brush then I read all these articles about how finger tips are the best applicator for it.  Since I’m not 25 anymore (hello 26 duh…hahahaha) I am finding the finish with a make up brush is warranted.

I went cheap too.  I’m glad I did because the $30 brush from college – yeah I have bills now.

e.l.f Foundation Brush:
ELF $1 no lie.

Bronzer is not just for summer.  I switched my contour palate up for bronzer and very light blush.  A little blush first then a light coating of bronzer on my cheeks and I feel like a new woman.

Where to place your Smitten Bronzer, Blush and Illuminator:
I still have my high light palette!  Also, I use the one from ELF.  I’m so cheap and I love it. (Pinterest)

BTW, my make up routine is all of five minutes – literally and that could be stretching it.  Wash your face.  Conceal the under eye, foundation, cheeks as seen above, mascara, lips and go!


I’m using eye serum all over my face and the weird thing is…it makes my skin look awesome.  Most products labeled for one area of the face are actually great all over the face.  Not even kidding you.  Don’t fall victim to labeling-for-money.

Regenerist Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Swirl, Eye Treatment | Hy-Vee Aisles Online Grocery Shopping:
Currently this stuff.

So here’s a little tip a doo too.  This stuff works like a blur.  Check your serums and eye creams and see if they are for real for if they are just blurring out the bad stuff.


I love painted nails.  My line of work doesn’t allow for too much nail beautification other than a good manicure.  Thursdays are my days to do an at home manicure and paint my nails.  Right now all I want on them is navy colored polish.  Part of it is for Patriot Nation and the other is because I just LOVE some dark nails.

Swatch of Essie After School Boy Blazer Nail Polish:
Great color.

End notes

Since I’m kind of not twenty-six liked I pulled over on you earlier.  (I did good, right?) I am having to hydrate my skin like mad.  The other night in the shower I grabbed my cocoa butter lotion and used it as a second “wash” and it worked like a charm.  My skin was so supple for a good 16 hours.

I never fail to wash my face at night anymore.  My twenties were a blur of falling asleep without ever letting a cloth hit my face and waking up looking like a carney after a bad fight.  Currently, I’m exfoliating with L’Oreal twice a week and using Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser the rest of the week.

If you regularly read our website (thanks!), you might be getting a little tired of hearing about the importance of daily exfoliation with a gentle glycolic cleanser. We'll let this product put the conversation to rest. L'Oréal Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Daily Scrub Cleanser with Glycolic, $19.99, available in July at CVS.  #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/2016/06/114987/new-cvs-makeup-products#slide-9: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser - I've been taking all my makeup off with this stuff for years.:

Also, I’m not spending money on anything extra (hair doesn’t count, y’all) so all the products I am using aren’t ones I have to go buy.  I’m using what I have stocked up on to stay trekking towards my goals.  I challenge you to go through your beauty supplies and see how long you can go without making a purchase.

Bur for the love – go get your roots done!

This has been so fun.  See you tomorrow for FRIDAY!




12 thoughts on “Project: Me!”

  1. You did pull a “YOUNGER” cause you so look 26!!!!! Beautiful as all get out!!! I am so glad you have things you want to do for you!!! You look amazing but there are always things in our minds we want to do just for us and that is such a good thing! And I am now thinking my roots are ready for a freshen, lol. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great minds…we both have kind of the same post going. I love the lob but I also love my longer hair and waffle on that. My hair day is next week and I always look forward to that. I love blonde hair too, but went darker this fall and am loving it so I think for the first time in as long as I can remember I am going darker for spring and summer this year. 🙂 I love the nail color and the cocoa butter tip. Have a great day!

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