It’s a…Bookshelf!


Yay, the holidays are OVER and now I can get back to showing you projects that my husband, myself, or both of us are working on and for all intents and purposes of this blog – have completed.  Continuing the theme of “Project Week” here on the blog with today’s post of what we’ve made since December.  On Monday I posted 2017 Home Trends so be sure you check that post out too!

If you want to see some of the other things we have created then you will have the chance to at the end of this post.

A few months ago my husband purchased a shipping crate from our favorite neighbors, Snoring Horses Vintage & Antique.  It was a simple and large pallet shipping crate.  My favorite thing about it?  It was stamped Charleston!

Let’s be creative with our view of the crate. I failed to ever take a proper photo of it when we purchased it and then my husband didn’t think to take a before picture when he decided to recondition it.  So ok….see this picture?  See the large crate sitting out to the right?  Yes, that’s it LOL!

The crate is sitting over to the right.  LOL And this is Snoring Horses!

We kept the crate in our living room and allowed it to become our blanket catch-all.  Then I moved it into the play room to become a blanket catch all slash toy catch all.  And it began to drive me crazy.

One evening my husband came at me with a question – “Would you rather me make a desk or book shelf out of that crate?”


We decided on a bookshelf.  After a couple days of work on the crate in his workshop I woke up to this newly created gem in our playroom.


A little taking apart, a little putting back together, and some stain…

I couldn’t be happier!  I am also super glad he was able to save the Charleston stamped slat for the front!


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Have you made or crafted anything awesome lately?  I would LOVE to see it!  Please share it with me if you have time.  Feel free to post over on our Facebook page – @CardioCabernet, tag us on IG CardioCab, or tweet us @cardiocabernet

Angie The Freckled Rose



12 thoughts on “It’s a…Bookshelf!”

  1. There you guys go again being all super creative and recycling’ and I LOVE IT!!! Wow, a crate into a bookshelf!! I love the stain color you picked and the stamping in place. Adorable and super functional!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have so many wonderful things to share in the coming weeks! We have been super busy with taking things that were “falling apart” or seemed to have no functional use and turning them into some wonderful pieces for our home. #happyplace We really lucked out on that piece. It was a shipping crate from a container and obviously headed to Charleston! I wish I could figure the code to find out where it was shipped from!


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