So You Want To…


Hey y’all!  Hey to my two-week challengers!  Are your Fitbits and Garmins on?  I hope so we are working towards our goals every day as hard as we can – step wise and health focused!

This week the challenges have included drinking 8 oz of water every hour (Monday) and today set out to walk or jog an intentional mile (not a Fitbit step mile but setting out to do a mile…it shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes and eight for those of us who do this regularly.)

Here on the blog I’m sharing a recipe (oh so good and a favorite) and a work out with you.  Check out last week’s for a recipe (Mexican Chicken Soup) and another workout you can do anywhere.

Let me mix things up and this week share the exercise with you first.  Let’s sweat then eat, ok?

Looking for best elliptical machines in 2017? We’ve spent countless hours analysing the top products, interviewing consumers & experts to build this list!:
This is my friend.  Meet the Precor Elliptical Machine.  Perfect for beginners, injury rehab, and anyone who wants a complete body work out.

My most favorite piece of work out equipment/machine is the elliptical machine.  This machine does work the entire body and gives you a good, strong, work out.  If you take a treadmill and fuse it with a stepper, then add in a cross-country ski machine then you can only imagine the work out you can potentially get from this piece of gym gold.

I prefer this machine because of my ankle and knee.  Since your foot stays pretty flat ont the machine your knee is not getting that shock it gets from the motion of a foot in running or walking motion.

These machines come with preset workouts.  You can do the cardio, calorie burn, or whatever work out.  Or you can get really smart and learn how to manipulate the machine to do a work out for an even better calorie burn.  If you’re looking to lose weight then this guy is your friend, too.  If you’re looking to build up your butt and legs while widdling the mid section then this is also your friend.

Elliptical workout with MAJOR calorie burn! Printable and ready for a lunch break workout! #fitness #elliptical:
This is a great chart on making your own fifteen minute elliptical work out.  You can add two minutes to each line to stretch this into a thirty minute work out.

Now you need to eat this.  I set out to find the original recipe on the internet and Holy God was that difficult.  Luckily, after thirty minute I remembered the author and was dancing around smiling since the brain was functioning!

Last week I shared with you what to buy right now (veggies & fruits) and one of those wonderful things is asparagus and the other is lemons.  Enter my FAVORITE meal.

Lemon Chicken Asparagus Quick Meal

5 Ingredient Lemon Chicken with Asparagus - a bright, fresh, healthy recipe that's ready in 20 minutes! 300 calories. | pinchofyum.com

This is the best meal, I swear.  It is lean and offers you just what you need to refuel your body.  My kids love it, my husband loves it, I could eat it three times a week.

Go visit Pinch of Yum for this five ingredient quick meal.  You will love it.

You can still join in the two-week challenge!  Go visit and like the Cardio Cab & A Keyboard Facebook page for the daily post.  Also remember to follow us on IG (cardiocab) and Snap (abullnojoke).  Though we’re down to seven days today I promise to help motivate you to the best of my ability as we navigate through January healthier and happier!




15 thoughts on “So You Want To…”

  1. I always feel like I am going to fly off of the elliptical. Hahaha! I cannot get into a rhythm (probably because I have no rhythm) and then feel as though I am going to fall off or just have a hard time. I have noticed that there are two types of people in this world…those who can do the elliptical and make it look effortless or the small percentage like myself. That lemon chicken looks AMAZING! YUMMY! Have a great day!

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