Hygge 2017 Home Trends!

No that isn’t a typo that’s a fabulous word that is Danish and means – Live simply.

It is the motto for 2017 for design (or so I have been told).  This year the cool kids are doing the following in their homes and some of these I may be guilty of as well!

Angie The Freckled Rose

This week on the blog I’m kicking off a week of projects.  On Sunday I was highlighted over at the fabulous blog The Freckled Rose.  Angie, who operates the blog, has some fabulous posts on the things I personally love – DIY and gardening!  She shared my post, It’s a Bench, this week.  I highly suggest you visit her blog and see all the other wonderful posts she highlighted as well.

January is a month of purge and renew for a lot of us.  This month I have purged and now the husband and I are working on refreshing our home.  We’re eliminating some old projects and making the move to a more simplified look.  This week on the blog I’m dubbing as Project Week.  From our home to our selves – we are all working on something!

As I was prepping for this post I decided to share the top trends I ran across for 2017 while I was researching.  Some of these I am ALL about others -meh.

In his new, exceedingly optimistic documentary Where to Invade Next, Michael…:

  1.  Hygge- Less is more and more is lived in.  Mamas and busy women of the world this is good news!  That purge you did last week was step one! Now if you think your home seems a little barren – leave it be!!!  Does that blanket that is not folded drive you crazy?  Leave it be!  Are your pillows scattered about?  Then just throw them on the couch – haphazardly!  Let the books and mags hang out on the table opened to the last page you read.  (But put the dirty dishware in the dishwasher or sink.)

    Cracked Natural Marble Wallpaper and a beautiful pink armchair.:
    Just not for me.  It’s pretty but really it isn’t for me.  Did I say not for me?
  2. Marble wallpaper – Not for me.  But for you?  I like the idea of wallpaper but flashback to 2008 when I was removing it and I get sick to my stomach.  Small spaces, go for it!  Large spaces, I’m checking out.

    #naturalisbeautiful Shop all natural skincare products at deliciousskin.com.au:
    Yes, this is all me.  You know my love for dirt and green stuff.  (via My Attic)
  3. Plants – Ahhh hello, Dolly!  I love plants and planting and all that good stuff.  This year, bring the outside in with indoor plants and climbing plants.  Succulents are kind of on the outs right now but you should still love those air heads!

    Rose Gold is so on trend at the moment and we love it!:
    I really need that copper pineapple.  I can also share that copper spray paint and I are very good friends.    This is via Lights4Fun
  4.  Copper – I like this.  I like copper a lot and my love affair with it began in October.  Copper is a stately metal if you ask this girl.  It is also old to me.  I like old metal.  I am not sure if copper will stand the test of the trend time though so maybe do a few little copper pieces here and there.

    Les nouveautés H&M Home pour 2017 - PLANETE DECO a homes world:
    Rich blues are in as are denim blues.  The trend predictors say the aqua and teal blue season is on hold as we make room for vibrant deep blues.  I really like this!
  5. Blue – The color of the year is a green grass color (Pantone) but everyone else seems to be saying the true color of the year is darker blues.  I like both so yay for me!  Blue is just calming and earthy and lovely.

    Beautiful acrylic bar cart:
    No.  Not even with that bottle of Absolut.  I do not like this, Sam I am.  I do not like this one hot damn.  Give me wood, give me metal.  Keep your plastic.
  6. Acrylic decor – No not for me.  I’m not into Ikea.  Sorry.  No.

    Very rustic shower with the wood looking porcelain tiles on the walls.   We have many wood types and colors in our Oceanside showroom to choose from. There is something for every style and room.:
    And you expected a picture of a floor…silly goose.  I know a lot of people like this but I prefer a bright shower so as to not pass out during a shower or bath LOL (honest moment)!
  7. Wood tile – I can get on board with this one.  I have always loved wood tile its beautiful and pretty resilient.  I feel like more of the 2017 new homes will take advantage of this awesome take on tile.  Take it away!

    Rustic farmhouse entry. ♡                                                                                                                                                                                 More:
    That moment when you are watching Fixer Upper number 90 and realize it’s all starting to look the same.  I hit that mark over the weekend and became bored – more Chip shenanigans please.
  8. Farmhouse – Cue Chip & Joanna.  I’m beginning to ease away from the full on farmhouse idea.  I think it is becoming a bit over used (personally).  Go ahead if it’s your current dream but if it is something you turn your head from – let’s get some coffee.

    Radiant heat.  The most comfortable homes I have ever been in during cold weather were radiant heat homes.:
    Nifty idea – maybe in my next home.
  9. Heated floors – Yeah sign me up and just tell me who will pay for it because obviously I am not.  I need them though!  Our floors are FREEZING in the winter even if it is 70 degrees out!  I do think my dog would object to heated floors.

So sweeties, what are you thinking?  Which of these would you add and what would you subtract from your home in 2017?  I’m curious!



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