Friday #2

Last weekend we had eight inches of snow and couldn’t seem to get out of the twenties during the day.  This weekend we’re in the fifties with rain chances.  Is it spring yet?

Here are some of the things from the week that I felt the need to share.

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It doesn't stop. #dreamingofthecarribean #coldsucks

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  1.  Snow Sucks  – I know I’m not alone when I say I hate winter.  I’m not made for it and therefore I have no time for it. I did do my mom duties of taking the kids out to sled.  My daughter could care less, my son loved it.  Now bring on spring.  #perseveringtoabetterseason
  2. Kitchen re-org – I totally went through my entire kitchen and reorganized the whole thing.  My mom kept the kids on Saturday night so I jumped into working on my kitchen.  I know it is bad but I’m already planning out how I would like to change my house around (yes, it was just totally remodeled and everything two years ago.)  I also cooked a little during the snow and you can catch the favorite soup recipe for winter in this house here.

3. Snow Day – The kids did not have school on Monday.  It was nine degrees out, there was still probably four inches of snow if not five left on the ground, oh and ice.  I declared it a day of reading, crafting, and movies.  I had huge goals of getting out to the YMCA to work out.  Yeah, no, didn’t happen.  Then I got the call that Tuesday would also be a snow day.  The true melting wasn’t projected to start until Tuesday so whatever.  Tuesday was all we could stand so we busted out to shoot hoops at the YMCA and then I got my run on and some weight training.  Have you joined the two-week challenge?  C’mon you have to!  #perseveretohealth

4. Mama forgets herself – I realized on Wednesday that I hadn’t been to the dentist in two freaking years.  I called and luckily they could get me right in with the best hygentist around!  Luckily, I had no problems except for hypersensitivity.  New toothpaste and varnish and I was on my way!  I was so glad that I didn’t have any major issues (I was afraid I would) because that just wouldn’t fit into my current fasting. #perseveringwinbaby

5. Sometimes things just don’t work out – I let my guard down, thought I had a golden opportunity only to be told that it wasn’t happening.   This week I shared my word for 2017 and now I’m beginning to see why God put that word in my mind.  But guys I can tell you a lot of us will persevere but it is getting to be more and more difficult.  Aside from this I want to tell you my best friend has a phenomenal opportunity to expand her education in her field of work.  The same day I got the short end of the stick she had struck the long end.  I saw the graphic below and it immediately made me react.  Though I’m knocked down I’ll continue to cheer her on (and you too sweet readers and friends) as better things keep happening for her.  Proud of you A.R.!  This post from last Sunday also strangely enough coincides with my Thursday.


So that’s the second week of January ’17 in a nut shell for me.  How was your week?  I am hoping it was super great.  Here’s to the weekend – a mom break, a Patriots win (TB12 is ready!), and getting some stuff DONE!

GO Pats!!  This image was inspired by the largely female demographic present here. Not a bad thing, just hilarious to someone male. It's like a fanny pack.

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12 thoughts on “Friday #2”

  1. Babe, you are so good at lifting others up and being a true friend!!! Your long stick is coming, oh geez that sounds so bad, lol. so bad. you know what I mean, good things are going to happen for you in 2017 and my goodness you look AMAZING!!!! My toned up inspo gal for sure!!! Love you sweets, have the best weekend, dream of warmth and water!!!! xo

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  2. Have a great mom break. Also, I hate winter too. I am so over the freaking snow. Sorry about getting the short end of the stick this week. Enjoy your weekend and know things will turn around!

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  3. I am loving all the persevering going on here even in times of question. And I’m sorry you hate snow. I love it. And I’m jealous of your 4 to 5 inches. I love that graphic. That’s great. Such a wonderful truth. Keep it up, Lady! You are on a roll! Happy Weekend!


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