Working It Wednesday: #GOALS

All linked up today…


This month the topic is “Resolutions” and y’all know I don’t do that whole word.  Psh.

Last week I shared that I had actually picked a word for the year and it is persevere.  Yes, that word, to me, well at first, seemed like I was expecting battles this year.  It is a strong word that just created visions of difficulty and the ability to keep moving forward.

In the last week I’m realizing that “persevere” is actually a really cool verb that we do every day whether it be good, bad, or ugly!

When life is going great – I’m dancing and persevering with a smile on my face!

When life is trying to get in the way – I’m clinched fists and determination with perseverance in my pocket.

When I feel just plain lost?  My plan is to persevere with the tools I have been given.

It is a really good word, y’all!

I will never again say that I am "stubborn"...I will say I "persevere ":


Do more:  traveling, memory making, helping, praying, loving, living, relaxing.

Do less:  stressing, worrying, eating junk, talking.

Simply just:  be

Simply just don’t: judge myself or anyone else.

And that is that!

Enjoy life, enjoy fresh, local, rich and delicious food and enjoy company. I think sometimes the trends and fads put blinders on to what's actually important in life and I hope I never forget to just enjoy it all, all the time. Life's too short not to. #thesalvostravels #handlettering:



18 thoughts on “Working It Wednesday: #GOALS”

  1. Simply BE!!!! I love it and the less judging, I try so hard not to do it and I am horrible at judging myself and worrying. I LOVE your word: persevere, I’m going to say it 10 times as I get ready today. xo

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  2. What a great word! It sounds like a warrior word. I love it. I am going to have to remember that word and repeat it to myself throughout the day and take some deep breaths. Hahahaha. My little class of kindergarteners has seemed to have lost all sense of quietness so I need this word today 🙂 Have a great one!

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