So You Want To…


Summer bodies are made in the winter.  I’m sure you have heard that and it is true!  If you want to look great and feel amazing this summer you better get on your A game during these cold, cover-it-up months!

This past weekend Old Man Winter visited my part of North Carolina.  I’m not a fan of winter and I sure as crap do not like snow or ice.  If I had only been a more Southern born girl…

When the temps dip we tend to crave foods that are loaded down with carbohydrates, sugars, and fats.  It makes us “warm up” – by putting an extra layer on us that we will cuss in a few months.

I thought I would utilize today’s post to share some “comfort food” that isn’t nearly as detrimental to your waistline and heart.  I promise it is just as delicious though!

Mexican Chicken Soup is good for the soul.  Over here in my house we prefer food with a Mexican flair.  Chicken soup is one of my favorite foods to order when we got out to local Mexican restaurants and making it at home is super simple and wait for it…crockpot ready!

This Pin is fabulous for Mexican Chicken Soup and I recommend you use it!

This Mexican chicken soup recipe could literally be made in 10 minutes if you have diced, cooked chicken on hand! It's a perfectly quick and tasty weeknight dinner.:

I like to have some South of the Border Tortilla Chips to go with mine!

Amazeballs Chili keeps you warm when the outdoors thinks its a faux paux.  I love chili but if you don’t pay attention to your ingredients you can be harming yourself more than helping yourself.  Let’s skip the beef and use 93/7 ground turkey instead.  Also, let’s limit our beans to one or two types and not three or four.  Beans are good for you but they can also bring in way more calories than you really need (especially if you are putting the meat in!)  Chunk your chili up with good stuff like diced tomatoes, avocado (at the end), onion, peppers of all kinds, and maybe even a diced sweet potato.  The flavor comes from the stuff that is excellent for you – spices.  My chili always gets a nice dosage of paprika, chili powder, cumin, black pepper, and sometimes a bit of cinnamon.  But friends if you forget anything please do not let it be the garlic.  A tiny bit or a nice dollop – garlic is your friend!  Not only is it great for your heart and immune system – it keeps the vampires away!

Again the slow cooker can handle this – dump your ingredients in the pot, set it to low for eight hours, and come home to a great smelling house and a tummy that starts talking to you as soon as you enter.  I think it is saying, Get in my belly!

I really love some corn bread muffins with my chili!  Down here we use Jiffy Cornbread Muffin Mix.


Sometimes the weather isn’t friendly with our workout plans.  As most of you know a dusting of the white stuff can shut down the South and your gym.  Never ever let that keep you from working out.

My favorite tip for being stuck inside and needing to get that work out in is simple –

Turn up the iTunes to your regular work out music, clear out a space in the living room, and do some Tabata style work outs.  Tabata is awesome because it really gives you a good work out in minimal amounts of time.  The idea is to go as hard as you can for upwards of two minutes and then enter a fifteen to thirty second rest before going as hard as you can again.

I found this one that I really like and wanted to share it with you today:

4 Minute Fitness! Tabata training for maximum fat burn in minimum time!:
via maxpankow.com

You are going to do each item listed for twenty seconds then rest for ten.  Do the all eight items eight times.  You got this, babe!  You got it!  If the whole family is stuck at home then they should all get off their technology and join you.




10 thoughts on “So You Want To…”

  1. LOVE this!!! Some yummy soup and I am on the TABATA!!! I just printed it and so starting this today!!! Thank you love, my motivator with the mostess!!!!!!

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  2. Making that soup next week!! Yum!
    I love jiffy cornbread mix! Oh and I HATE old man winter! I said last week that I just need to keep going south!! HA

    Liked by 1 person

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