Detox – But not like that.

I’m not doing a detox of food and drink at the current time.  That will come in March.  Currently, I am doing a detox of spending.  I guess I can say like a bajillion other people.

Since Christmas I haven’t purchased anything not needed.  Actually, I haven’t purchased anything but food and gas.  Oh and I have paid bills – now that is a true fun time, right? Meh.

To build upon this I have even made a detox schedule for the first and into the second quarter 2017.

January-March 30th Money Detox

  • No excess spending – We have everything we need y’all.  Those kids don’t need another stitch of clothing (maybe some socks though ha!).  The husband and I sure do not need anything.  We’re good as gravy and blessed as can be.  I’m not taking out the idea of date night – we need those but I will be a bit more frugal about our date nights (maybe take out and Netflix).  I had to make a few concessions here including Valentine’s for the kids’ classmates and registration and prep for spring sports (both kids are doing soccer this spring.)
  • Complete focus on bill pay – Christmas left us with a bit more debt than I planned for so it is the focus of what I’m paying off in early 2017.  See ya later, Christmas.
  • Debt reduction which is totally what that second bullet is.  I guess I felt the need to keep the bullet at three ha!


March 1 – April 16th Nutrition Detox

  • Sugar detox (If you didn’t catch on those are the dates of Lent)  Bye bye white sugar and bye bye cholesterol.  I’m taking both out for Lent.  Yeah, I know, I’ll break my Lenten pledge here and there but like a good little human I’ll jump back on the horse and move forward.


Finally – April

  • Evaluation of where we stand financially
  • Evaluation of items needed for spring
  • Celebration


So there – I shared my detox with you and now that means I have to be accountable!



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14 thoughts on “Detox – But not like that.”

  1. I have been going through spots in my house and getting rid of everything, and you know what, I have cut out unnecessary spending because of that. I came to the conclusion that we all have enough stuff around here :). We are big budget people too. Have a great Monday!

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