Prosperity & Courage

2017 started exactly one week ago today.  January is the month for changes and attempting new goals.  I never made that list of things to accomplish in the new year.  However, every single day I think of something new I want to work towards.  Yesterday, I reorganized my kitchen and thought, “Yaaaaas I will keep it super organized this year.”  While looking at the eight inches of snow in my yard I noted, “Yaaaaas,  I will travel more this year to sunnier and warmer climates.”  I also made some other little notes in the old brain to do some things like finally get a rug and coffee table for my living room and keep the laundry room totally organized and clean as a pin (laugh now) and to keep this place up going strong with new topics and posts.

The thing is I can have all these great thoughts and plans but really I have two goals this year – and they are the same goals I have had every year but have never really acknowledged before.  Maybe it is because they are a little daunting and scary.  They sound simple and good but maybe, just maybe they are a little more easily said than done?

Prosper & Be Courageous

If you read the blog you know that I picked another “p” word for 2017.  This is also the first year I have ever picked a word for the year.  TO be honest I still don’t quite understand how it works and wonder if I should tattoo it on my body so I see it every day and remember – Yeah that’s my word!

That “P” word is persevere.  And as I sat down to formulate these words I realize that maybe my “p” word is actually a mixture of the two words that I have in my heart every year but never really pull out and say – Yes, this is my goal.  This is my lifelong goal.

Prosperity is defined as the state of being prosperous.  Did you guys go to school when I did?  You remember when the teacher specifically said when defining a word you do not use the word or any form of the word in the definition?  Yeah, Google failed to get that message.

If I break this word down to its root word Prosper then I get this definition –

Prosper – 1.  Succeed in material terms; be financially successful  2.  Flourish physically; grow strong and healthy  3.  Make successful

When I add on the -ity then it becomes more of a lifestyle.  Dare I say a lifestyle we all strive for in some way, shape, or form of the definition.


This week I started a study of Joshua.  Not the neighbor but the book of Old Testament.  You know I love the Old Testament because not only is it the first half of the Bible but it is also the text of Judaism.  I find it so cool that this Christian kid gets to share a Holy text with Jewish kids.  Two amazing faiths sharing a religious book – in 2017 that is just about as weird as it gets.  Wouldn’t it be something if there were three major faith sharing large portions of their books of faith together?  Just think about that.  I think this world may, just may, prosper a bit better than it currently does.

If you haven’t read the book of Joshua then this week is a good time to start. Being that I feel like I know him so much better I may refer to him as Josh from this point forward.  I would allow him to call me Manda so I think we are cool.

Josh had a tough task.

Remember that old man, Moses?  Well he up and died.  I mean he was only 120 years old when he finally put that staff down and said, “C ya later world!”  When Moses died the Israelites were pretty bummed.  Moses was the man.  He led them out of slavery and he had that ability from God to part the sea to get them to safety.  (And that is only a small piece of what he is known for.)

So Moses died.

Enter Joshua.  Josh came into the role of leader and God anointed him and gave him this amazing blessing of being invincible.  Moses actually transitioned the power over to Josh as per God’s order.  Joshua was Moses’ assistant so he was ready for the task of leading the chosen ones to the Promised Land.

Invincible – incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued.

Next time I get asked what I want to be – remind me to say – like Joshua.  I want to be strong and always on the upper hand.

When Joshua became the leader God gave him some pretty simple advice.

Joshua 1:8 This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success. by valentinaibeachum:
Via Pinterest

Think God’s Word – Read the word and meditate on it every day of your life.

Speak God’s Word – Share this word with everyone in everything you say.  Watch your speech and make sure it is compatible with what the Lord has told you.

Do God’s Word – What He says and suggests is what you are to do.  He has made it quite clear in both the Old & New Testaments of what He wants of us.

In that I just basically gave us all the three keys to Prosperity.

If we think, speak, and do what God asks of us then how can we fight?  How can we be upset?  How can we have hate?  How can we be displeased?

If we look back to the definition of prosper then we see what was written first – succeed in material items.  Sadly enough I think that is the problem.  The first entry in the definition has taken its throne above what is important – flourish physically, be healthy  and be successful.

We think prosperity has to do with money and cars and houses and zip codes.  Prosperity is loading our fourteen year olds down with overpriced clothing and whatever their hearts desire from the store.

Oh man do we have it so wrong.

Prosperity is deeper than what we think it is.  We have humanized it to mean we have stuff – lots of stuff via lots of cash or lots of credit.  When really prosperity is found in continually committing acts of doing the good and righteous thing over and over and over to where it is a habit.


Day 19 of #30DaysofNoteworthyTruth focusing on Joshua 1:8!  God's Word is true today and everyday!! Happy Monday!:

And to be prosperous in 2017 you must have something else that was given to Joshua.  You have to have a “C” word.


God told Josh, in 1:8, meditate the word, speak the word, do the word.  Then in 1:9 he told him to have courage.

God says that to you and I too.  He tells us blatantly to do certain things – my favorite being LOVE EVERYONE.  Jesus told us straight up – LOVE EVERYONE.  It takes courage to put aside fears and hate and differences and actually LOVE EVERYONE.  That is why God gave Joshua, and you, and me the words of Joshua 1:9

joshua 1:9 - my all time favourite verse. Has helped me through many moments when my anxiety threatens to take over:
via Picklebums

Speaking words of hate and being just plain mean to other people is easy as pie.  As humans it comes natural to us to hate on people we don’t like or feel comfortable around.  That kills our prosperity in turn.  We cannot ever be prosperous if we spend our days judging others.  So the Lord says to Joshua regarding his rulership as he does to us about every day living – Be strong & courageous….for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you may go.

Prosperity comes from reading God’s messages, speaking God’s truth (NOT our truth), and being His hands and feet.  But to accomplish all three of those we must accept the courage He blesses us with day in and day out.

Even at our weakest moment He offers us His love, help, and courage.

He offers us prosperity.

You know I said for you guys to remind me to ask for invincibility like Joshua was blessed with.  I said that way back up near the top.  Well it just hit me – maybe we’re all blessed with invincibility to a degree if we recognize living more for God and less for the human idea of prospering.

And these are my thoughts….



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