Friday #1

Congrats humanity – we made it to the first Friday of 2017.  Here’s a look back at the first week of the new year and all the good stuff it brought.  You can find this post listed with a lot of other wonderful bloggers over at Cup of Tea and Momfessionals and Carolina Charm

See ya ’16

We spent last Saturday being total lazy bums.  I kept my pajamas on all.day.long.  Around 3:30 I decided to get ready for our date night.  Dinner out with good friends!

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Holla! #nye2016

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Of course we came home before midnight.  The husband went straight to sleep.  I read part of a book.  I knew the clock had struck twelve when all the rednecks decided to shoot off their ammunition.  Nothing says, HAPPY NEW YEAR, like a rifle unloading in the air in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday night

What do you do on January 1st?  I decided to book a cruise.  Happy ten year anniversary to the hubby and I!  Can I also just share that we have the most amazing travel agent doing all the hard work for us?  Wow she’s great.  Thanks to Ashley A. for her referral of Kerry.  Kerry is a Mouse Counselor too for those of you who are looking at Disney in your future.  I will be happy to pass her information along if you just shoot me a message!

Back to School (and work)

Monday was a bank holiday but not a school holiday.  The kids went back to class and mama went back to work.  Can I admit the kids did way better with this than mama did?  I was not wanting to do anything at all but I persevered.  (Hey, that’s also the word I picked for 2017!  I’m going to persevere this year!)

Date Lunch

This is kind of crazy.  After work on Tuesday my husband and I went out for a late lunch.  (He had the day off.) I thought we agreed on Mexican cuisine but he decided on Chinese.  We only have three Chinese places in town so we went to the oldest one since it is pretty tried and true.  Eeeek not on Tuesday!  There were two staffers there and unfortunately – they were no where near proficient in English.  It was something out of a Saturday Night Live skit for the entire visit.  Also, my husband ordered Mountain Dew and to our waitress that was the same thing as saying, Me too.  I had to laugh it was too cute.  If you saw my snap that said, “Literally lost in translation.” Now you know what I meant!  After thirty minutes of waiting on food (no, they were not busy at all there were three tables that had humans sitting at them) I was ready to go.  The waitress did her best to get us to stay – we did.  I once again persevered and the food was so good.  General Tso for the win.


Breaking It Down

I was very lax on my workouts in December.  Luckily, I gained zero poundage but still y’all I was lax.  I went back to the gym to restart my regular routine on Monday and um the air wasn’t working.  Not good.  But I persevered.  I got my four miles in and shared my pit stains with the real world and digital world.  Until the fad of getting healthy wears off I’ll be putting in a goal of 12 miles per week.  Then when the gym is back to normal I’ll get back to my cross training too.  Check out the series I posted this week (it is fun and not lame) on losing weight!

New Schedule

I’ve fine tuned my daughter’s schedule of activities for ’17.  I have her in swim two days a week instead of three and she’s back to attending Wednesday youth events at church.  The swim burn out was coming on hot and heavy so adjustments were necessary.

I’m also working on a new schedule for my little business.  I tell you it has been a bit chaotic with possible changes (that I guess did not pan out, still not sure on that front!) and trying to figure out how to balance in the event the changes took place.  I’m just praying I do the right thing!  Continuing the perserverence dang it.

Good TV

Directv quit carrying our NBC affiliate on January 1st.  I’m pissed.  This means that on Tuesday of next week I cannot see This Is Us.  Can I still catch it online?  Help!

I am happy that the shows are back to running new episodes.  We enjoyed The Middle, American Housewife, The Goldbergs, Speechless – ABC’s finest this week.  Thursday was the return of Nashville on CMT.  Did anyone catch it?  I am excited about the return of Teachers on TV Land on January 17th too.  That show, y’all.  That show.I


On the blog this week….


A fresh, short Q&A for 2k17.

So you want to lose weight.

So you want to…break it down!

What I’m Reading

So You Want To…

Sneak peek to next week….

More So You Want To will be coming at you but not three days worth!  A couple of link ups are in the mix.  I’m also adding in another get to know me style post because it is JANUARY!  We’re starting anew!

This weekend I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends, family, etc.  We are supposed to get dumped on by the snow fairy so I will be drinking vodka and dreaming of white sand beaches.  Oh well, I will persevere.

Me! The girl who is always cold and obviously born in the wrong part of the country:
I concur. RE:  Winter.



20 thoughts on “Friday #1”

  1. Whoop whoop, cruising in the books….something to count down and look forward. So you want to is such a GREAT idea! Give us all your amazing tips girl, I love them! You’re such a good motivator and you inspire me to be a better person! That selfie picture of you and hubby is absolutely gorgeous I tell ya! May your weekend be fun filled, cozy and you know you want A lil of the white stuff, ha ha Geez I sound like a drug pusher, you know I mean snow, LOL!

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  2. I love lunch dates, they are the best because your don’t have to pay for a babysitter and you get to enjoy some time with the hubby ( I may need to do this today )!! I am also feeling your pain with working out. I was horrible in December but hit the ground running this week – 4 work outs put in!! Now to keep it up next week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad to see that you “persevering” your way thru 2017! I literally almost blew Diet Coke thru my nose about the Chinese restaurant and the Mt Dew story! My hubs is a big time MD drinker, too. Also, you are going to have a BLAST on your cruise! They are SO much fun! I’m jealous! See ya on Snap!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A Cruise sounds fun! I am ready to get out of the snow for a bit and get some sun! Our schedules are so crazy the first part of the year that I’m not sure it’ll happen… we’ll see.


  5. Are we neighbors?!?! You described my NYE midnight perfectly. Lots of gun shots and fire works could be heard and seen in our neighborhood. Hahaha! Also, WOOOHOOO for booking a cruise. I have gotten four in this week and it’s not over yet! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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