So You Want To…


So You Want To day three is here.  Happy Thursday aka little Friday!  To recap this series thus far we have talked about eating and breaking it down.  Today I’m going to show you some of my stuff that I love and have to have in my little lifestyle.

These are all cheap, too!  So holla!



This is where you say, what?  Yes, I need coffee.  I am a weirdo who prefers a cup before a work out and after.  It just gets me going the same way it does first thing in the morning.  I thought I would scour the internet for any research that shows this is like the best thing ever.  I did find this promising report:

This one is from Daily Burn and state that morning exercisers see a promising workout yield after having that joe.  I’m not generally a morning exercise person so what it says about evening I am walking proof isn’t true for all.  It works well for me.

Men’s Health also did an article which I pretty much adore.  They did more of a breakdown of the reaction of the coffee in your system prior to a work out and found that coffee will allow your body to use fat cells as energy instead of glycogen during the work out.  That’s pretty amazing.  But I must remind us all that this is not for the entire duration of a true workout and maybe just the first ten to twenty minutes.



I eat a banana first thing every morning.  I’m not one to be like – Good morning!  Where is breakfast?  I’m more like – give me coffee, stay the hell away from me.  I need at least fifteen minutes to get myself together (mentally) to get on with my day.  A banana helps me.

Bananas help reduce heart disease because they have two key components for healthy hearts – potassium and magnesium.  They also help you feel full.  Believe it or not they are mainly water and carb and not the bad carb so yay!  If you like green bananas then you can get an even bigger high five from the healthy department because they help protect your gut.  I still cannot down a green one – my bad.  The final reason I love bananas is that after a good workout you can eat one to feel good.  It won’t hurt the work you just did and you can digest it very easily.

Eat some bananas.  If you don’t like them then eat watermelon.  Deal?

Contigo Water Bottle

I love this water bottle – mine is pink.  It doesn’t spill, it goes with me everywhere, it is dish washer safe.  Blah, blah, blah.  You can get it at Walmart for $10.  It is great.  I have issues with water – as in I don’t mind drinking it but I prefer coffee.  However, when I fill up my Contigo I drink the water.  Mind games?  I love to throw it in my gym bag and it sits well on the elliptical when I do that.  So yes, I like this.  I also like room temp water and not cold water so I don’t need anything insulated.  If you like cold water then skip this.


Not crazy just love my Fitbit:

Disclaimer:  I love my Fitbit but I am losing the charger more than ever.  I’m happy to report I located the charger this week and am back to sporting it.

Why do I love the Fitbit?  Because I’m competitive as they come and it allows me to compete against myself or others.  I also like getting off my buttocks and the Fitbit makes sure I do that (because I am competitive).

I have the bare bones basic Flex.  It has been on my wrist for nearly two years.  This basic little wrist bauble is filled with good stuff.  It monitors my activity and allows me to input my food for the day, weight, goals, check my sleep, and interact with other Fitbit lovers.

If you need a motivator who isn’t made of flesh and blood then get a Fitbit.

Asics Gel Nimbus

ASICS GEL-Nimbus 18 Performance Running Shoe:

As you know I share that I have issues – BAHAHAHA I’m so laughing out loud at that.  I do share my issues with you.  I have two issues with my right leg and foot – 1.  Runner’s Knee and 2. Achilles’ Heel.  For my problems I have found that the Asics Gel Nimbus has been the answer.  This shoe is amazing – it hugs my Achilles that the pain is outta here.  Because my feet are supported so well my knee is not quite as pissed off at me.  These shoes are amazing and worth every penny.

Running Shorts

Nike Tempo Short - Women's - Running - Clothing - Black/Matte Silver - M $29.99:

I am a pale as paper girl.  It takes me about ten years to get a tan so in the winter I am Casper’s sister.  That used to keep me from ever wearing shorts when I worked out from November-April.  Now, I don’t care.  I love my running shorts so much and stay so cool in them.  Go ahead pale squad – rock it.  I have Adidas, Nike, and Old Navy.  The Old Navy ones are my favorites and they are the cheapest.  Remember a logo does nothing for your performance.

Yeah I said it.  Like freaking Gronk shoes will make me a Tight End…well I am a tight end. HA!



Ah, how cute. I love music too.:

So I am that girl who may only half butt a workout if she forgets her earbuds.  I must have something going on in my ears to get my sweat on.  This may be Eminem, Pink, Chance the Rapper, or a podcast.  Without that motivation I just don’t do a good job.

I also have my music on in my house so that I can dance around all I want while cooking dinner, folding clothes, vacuuming, etc.  I just have to move.  Being still is no good for me.

And that is that, friends.  A few things I have to keep myself in check.  Next week I’m coming at you again with some other ideas and some feedback that I received will be totally answered from the non professional that is myself.

Now it is your turn – what is it that you must have to keep on those healthy goals of your’s?



8 thoughts on “So You Want To…”

  1. Girl I can just picture you dancing around the house! These are many of my loves as well. Got To have my coffee in the morning and I carry a banana with me so often because it always gives me that pick me up. Potassium at its best! You know how crazy I am about my fitbit, my husband thinks I’m a little anal about it because I freak out as you know when I lose it and I am with you on the competitive as all get out. more reasons why I love you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coffee is life. I had that water bottle in my backpack in Napa. I no longer have it. But I love my yeti. I was so addicted to my Garmin vivofit pre pure barre days and now I never wear it. Since I am skipping my workout today since 6 times a week turned out too excessive before I even did it once, i am going to look for it when I get home!

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