What I’m Reading

FINALLY!  A link up on reading I can join.  I was excited that my favorite GA girl, Heather, posted out the first link up post for her new:  What We’re Reading Wednesday link up that is going to happen the first Wednesday of each month.

I love to read.  It is the cheapest escape in the world for me!  I am a magazine junkie, blog lover, and book-holding-style-reader.  Yes, I have a Kindle but friends, I am here to tell you, I love holding a book.

Growing up I hated reading.  From birth to eighteen there is no way you would find a book in my hands.  I remember in high school reading the Spark Notes instead of the actual literature required for English class!  Then in college I just switched gears.  When it was time to lie by the pool and wait on friends to get in from class or off from work I wanted a book in my hands.

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This month I’m reading a book by a popular Southern author who I have never read before.  Dorthea Benton Frank is from the other  Carolina and is known for her Charleston literature.  I had never even thought to pick up one of her books before and to be honest now that I am five chapters into All Summer Long I see why.  Leave it to me to not like the book I am sharing with you on this first link up.

I am not connecting with the characters and the plot is choppy.

I will finish it though.  Maybe by chapter ten I’ll be into it?

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Something else I’m reading is First Five.  Download this app if you are looking for a five minute devotional on your handy dandy mobile device.  This app comes from Proverbs 31 ministries and its pretty awesome.  Every day I start or end my day with five minutes (and generally a little longer as I get into a good discussion with another user) of scripture and application to every day life.  The past two days I have read from Joshua.  I can honestly say I have never read from Joshua before so this ill read Bible girl is getting her read on!

Image result

My mom gave me a copy of Jesus Always for Christmas.  I loved Jesus Calling and will probably utilize it again!

Image result for redbook magazine february 2017

Glossy print always catches my attention, how about you?  I get four magazines via mail:  Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, and Redbook.  My favorites are BHG and Redbook.  I devour these as soon as they come in the mail!

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And finally the blogs I love!  Every day I set out to read the blogs I adore but unfortunately, with work, I miss out on some posts.  So here’s a shout out (copying you Heather!) to some of my favorite bloggers:

Andrea Nine


Heather – who I am linked with today!!!






And I know that isn’t my entire list but next month I’ll share more!!!



19 thoughts on “What I’m Reading”

  1. Thanks for the shout out lady, you made my day! I am a magazine reader as well and subscribe to several. I love Redbook and Jillian 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Have a told you lately how much I love you? Thank you for including me in your bloggy reads. I had to smile because once again we have something else in common: Redbook has always been one of my favorite magazines. My mama got it when I was growing up and when I got married she made sure I had a subscription as well that keeps on coming. Reading is the best escape possible! What’s even better is reading by the water on a warm sunny day with a cool beverage! It won’t be long girl, I won’t be long!

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  3. I love her books as well! Since moving to Charleston it is fun to be able to connect to the local spots she shares about. Love that you added in blogs to read! Thanks for linking up!


  4. Well, I’ll be! I made a list! No really, thank you for that!! I know I miss posts too, but I do my best. This first week back to work has been crazy. This is the first time I’ve had some spare moments to catch up on blogs. I’m sorry you’re not loving your All Summer Long book. I really was hoping you would so that I would have a new author to add to my list!

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  5. I really need to get back to the First 5 app everyday. I use to have an alarm set on my ipad that would wake me up each morning to the new post…but i seriously don’t even know how I set it. lol. Thanks for the shout out too friend!

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