So you want to…break it down!


Day 2 of this little series!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post!  If not then why the crap are you back?

Yesterday we talked about some nutrition for getting your butt in gear on that resolution you made to lose weight and or get healthy.  Today we’re talking all about breaking it down.

That’s the cool kid way of saying exercise.  (As in me being the cool kid.)

Today I’m going to give you an assortment of exercises and discuss them in the way only I can to help you identify where to start on your breaking it down  journey.

As you know I like to work out.  Its my therapy and it only costs me $48 a month.  I can swing with that.  You don’t have to have a gym membership but I recommend it.  I mean go ahead and run your heart out or walk it out but I like having options and other human beings who want to do the same thing I like to do – exercise.

Work outs can be confusing and that is why I’m going to talk about a few of them that are super popular and some that are not this means we’re going to talk about:  weight rooms, group exercise, personal training.  Only three?  Yes but they all have subheadings.  Let’s go.


The Weight Room

I see three types of people in the weight room:  a) meat heads  b) paralyzed with fear people c) people who do not give a rat’s tail about what is going on.

I tend to be letter C.  I could care less who is in there.

The weight room is actually a fun place for getting some stress out – you can do free weights or weight machines or hop on an eliptical and burn a lot of calories and make your butt look great.  (Personal favorite)

Feeling a little overly sweaty on the elliptical.:

Do not be afraid of the weight room and do not feel second rate to the meat heads.  They aren’t looking at you – unless you are their bicep.

Tips:  Learn to use the weight machines the right way.  Most gyms offer a one on one education of operation.  Don’t start lifting free weights until you know what you are doing.  You can get some free lessons by asking the meat heads (they like this) or the staff of the gym.  Day one doesn’t mean try to act like you’re the missing Gronkowski kid.  If you haven’t been in a gym in months, years, or ever then don’t try to be middle school cool and over extend yourself on weights or cardio.  You will get hurt and you will look and feel terrible.

Group Exercise –

The holy grail of learning.  So many people have this whole issue of going into a room with a bunch of other people and working out in front of mirrors.  But why?  Your mama wasn’t lying when she said no one is looking at you *unless you are a Kardashian or Julian Edleman* – really no one is looking at you because 70% are as nervous as you are and 30% just love to look at themselves.  Plus everyone is staring hard at the instructor.  TRUST!

There are plentiful amounts of  group exercise classes out there that I really do not have the time to go through every one.  However, I will share a few popular ones that you may not know very much about.

Instagram: good things come to those who shake:

Pure Barre – I haven’t done this yet but would like to try it at some point in ’17.  Pure Barre fuses together pilates and ballet.  Shut up, right?  I’m not kidding it is an amazing workout from what I hear of focus and strength.  I mean, have you ever seen a bad looking ballerina? Exactly.


Crossfit humor. Yes I suck at all of these things, but I just keep showing up.:

Crossfit – Now this is my speed because deep down I have this Brenda Badass living in me.  Crossfit is an exercise style that brings together strength training with agility.  That means you are getting a workout for those muscles and the cardio all in one.  Believe it or not this was developed for policemen, firefighters, and service workers.  You will see results pretty fast with this type of workout (another reason I love them.)

Make today the day. Make THIS year YOUR year. #fitterplanet:

Body Pump *and the Les Mills experience* – Les Mills is some New Zealander who rocked out at athleticism and now he has all these fabulous group exercises that are offered all over the world at various gyms and fitness complexes.  Body Pump will get you into weight lifting which can allow you to go in that weight room and have a better idea of what to do with those free weights!  Body Combat (a favorite of mine) brings in the mixed groupings of boxing, karate, and jiujitsu for a good one hour work out.  There is also Body Flow which fuses together pilates and yoga.

Don’t worry, friends.  I last checked and Zumba is still available for those of you who love a lower impact dance-a-thon.

Personal Training

Ain't that the truth!:
But your trainer will!!!

I will make enemies now.  I’m sorry.  Or whatever.

I do not suggest you immediately go get a personal trainer.  Here’s why – THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!

Do not get me wrong – they are worth the money but you have to make sure you are ready for the investment.  Otherwise you are wasting two people’s time.  You can figure out the two.

A good rule of thumb – give yourself a goal on your own (I will work out and eat right for six weeks with a goal of losing eight pounds.)  If you meet it then you should totally decide if you want to add in a PT to help you up your game.  If you do not meet it then you need to decide if you really want this and if you need the support and help of a professional.

Also, before you get a personal trainer (or when you say you cannot afford one) look for small group exercise classes offered by personal trainers.  If you are a member of the YMCA or other private gyms you can benefit immensely by taking classes provided by personal trainers with low attendance numbers.  These sessions (generally one to two times a week) can help you in HUGE ways to build confidence and work on form and doing what is best for your body.

PT’s are great but test yourself before you drop the loot.  The loot is worth it but c’mon pay off the Christmas debt first, OK?

So there you have today’s post!  Was it fun?  Did you get your heart rate up?  Are you ready to go again?  GOOD!

See ya tomorrow!



PS:  From my IG on Monday….made somebody spit out their wine!


8 thoughts on “So you want to…break it down!”

  1. You are so funny. I second all of your comments about the weight room, get someone to teach you and don’t worry about looking stupid, no one is looking!!

    So I used to be a warrior cardio lady like you with body pump thrown in for $55 a month and I was so skeptical of pure barre. Then I tried it, quit cardio and the gym and now pay three times that. It is that amazing. I lost 2 inches in my lower tummy after 10 classes. It has transformed my body and I can’t believe I don’t miss the cardio! Two years later I am down 10 lbs, 20 inches total and it is still hard!

    I loved your pitstains photo. And your calling me out on my other typo yesterday! Have a great day!

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