So you want to lose weight.


How many of you came up with the novel idea of losing weight in January?  Nodding your head?  I see you.

I don’t have a weight loss goal but I do maintain a certain overall health goal of keeping myself in check.  If you have read the old blog or this blog you kind of know I’m addicted to working out.  Hello, the first word in the blog’s title is “Cardio” – but I know I’m not the typical human being. And I have accepted that.

How many of you HATE the idea of working out, exercising, eating healthier?  Go ahead, raise your hand, this is a computer and no one can see you (except maybe Russia?)

I wanted to devote a tiny, hot second of time to those of you who have a health goal for this month, er I mean year or two weeks (just whatever floats your boat).  Realizing most people give up their resolution two to three weeks in I thought it best to go ahead and knock this out of the way.

Actually this is a three part series and I’m kind of posting this week.  Well no not kind of I actually am doing it.  Whoa did all that sugar from the holidays slow my brain function or what?

Today I want to share with you a little about eating AKA nutrition.

Nutrition and weight loss can go into several categories – we can talk about fad diets, tried and true programs, detoxing, medical based nutrition plans, and starvation.  No point in beating around the fig bush so let’s just jump in.  I don’t want you getting bored on me.

On fad diets –

Nutrition humor. While I know for some gluten-free is ABSOLUTELY necessary, it is a wide spread fad for many.:
Via Elephant Journal – made me laugh so hard!

Since we are humans we want things to happen super fast.  Fad diets often offer fast results without warning you that once you steer your self away from them the weight will come back on and sometimes with a vengeance.

Anything that offers you the chance to lose ten pounds in a week or two needs to be looked at sideways.  Stay away from it.  Chances are it helps you eliminate fluid weight and reduces proper caloric intake.

I’m not a robot so let me go ahead and tell you – if I have an event I need to look extra sharp for I may do a fad diet to get that water weight I could be holding off.  But as a rule I stay away from them and typically laugh at people who partake in them.


While I am on the topic of fad diets you should probably be forewarned some of them have very negative side effects like heart problems and even sometimes death.  So if you’re not afraid of dying over losing ten pounds or totally wrecking your metabolic cycle then go on.  Do it to it.  You were warned you weird super hero.

Tried & True –

me at Weight Watchers meeting.:
Via Buzzfeed!

If you are seriously needing to lose some major weight and need standards to follow that are not detrimental to your nutrition then you need a tried and true program.  Weight Watchers is the only program in this country that really has stood the test of time and doesn’t threaten your body.  It is more of an education on proper nutrition, weight loss, and goal achievement than any other program around.

In a world where portion control is non existent this company can teach you how much and what you need and you will really see a difference on the scale.

January is a hot time for WW and you can score some good deals for joining the group.  Those of you who benefit from being around other human beings in the same boat as yourself will love WW.  They have support meetings, tons of resources, and probably the biggest winner?  They are filled with encouragement.

No, I’m not a weight watcher but I did use it for a brief time after my first kiddo!  I liked it – the only thing me and Oprah have in common!

Detoxing –

But you don't have to be "perfect" all the time. I follow the 80/20 rule. With 80/20, you can go out socially and enjoy a meal (or a cocktail!) with friends, but most importantly, it makes the whole clean-living thing feel doable for the long run. What's 80/20? 80% of the time you focus on eating clean, good-for-you foods, and 20% of the time you have the freedom to indulge as you please.:

I really like to detox.  I’m not addicted to detox but I do like it.  Detoxing is a great way to help reset your metabolism and flush your system of the crap you just went head first into over the holidays.

Before you start any program I suggest you do a detox.  There are few reasons I suggest this including:

  • Self discipline – you must be disciplined enough to stay away from the junk foods and the foods you aren’t allowed to have while detoxing.
  • Removal of water weight.  The first week of a nutrition/exercise change is often met with a high weight loss (>2lbs) I find it best to get that fluid weight off with a detox so I can focus on those scale numbers with more of a true weight in mind.
  • Emotions – Detoxing is good for you on a cellular level but also on an emotional well-being level as well.  As you eliminate the bad stuff you feel more of a sense of happiness and self-control.  Two key ingredients to being successful at your next goal!

I’m actually detoxing starting this week.  If you’re interested stay tuned for a post on that.  I do things a little differently – and you are not shocked…

Medical Based Nutrition Plans –

12 Small Changes For Heart Health - small changes can add up to make a big difference for heart failure:

If you’re going cross-eyed over this one you can stop now.  Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes?  Cholesterol issues?  IBS?  Kidney issues?  Any of these, along with a plethora of other health events, can lead to a medical based nutrition plan.  We actually can all benefit from them.  Think of a heart healthy diet in a patient with no heart problems as being proactive and preventative.

I’m not diabetic but I actually do like following a “diabetic diet” plan.  More vegetables, fruits, and lean meats and less crap (sorry bread lovers…)

Last month I found out my cholesterol was high.  It was linked to a fad diet I had started following earlier in the year.  So now I am working on lowering my cholesterol with a heart healthy diet mixed with a diabetic diet.  Do I have heart disease?  No (not yet! Not ever I hope!) Do I have diabetes? No (Again, never I hope!) I have neither but I can benefit from following the guidelines from those two nutrition plans.

You can too.

Smart eating so you don’t get the diagnosis!!!  Ooohhh mind blown!


I Have A Condition…:
Still Cracking

Did you really think I was being silly by posting that?  Unfortunately, people still use this method to lose weight – on purpose.  I think I can tie this into fad dieting and detoxing for some of you.  Any guideline (and I use that term lightly) that suggests you only drink lemon water for two days or suggests you only ingest cabbage soup for a week needs to be tossed out.

Starvation can lead to weight loss but it can also lead to system break down.  No one needs to starve their bodies to lose Christmas weight, pre wedding weight, or pre vacation weight.

When I go to Mexico later in the year you can bet your ass I will not be starving myself to go down there and stuff my face with tacos.  

If you suffer from intentional starvation or binge and purge we need to go meet a professional and not this blog girl ok?  I will take you.  This is where I suggest if you have a problem with feeding your body proper nutrition you need to seek medical attention.

Notes on other things out there –

Shake diets are the rage.  I have nothing against a shake but be smart and do not fall for gimmicks or money rackets.  Do the research before you buy anything.  And by research I mean real research and not Facebook research.  When you google look for reliable sources and not just message boards or people who sell the products (they tend to be a tad bit biased!)

Supplements are good for you!  I don’t suggest running in Walmart and just grabbing a bottle.  I do recommend going to a shop where the staff actually knows what supplement you need for your goal.  Also, your doctor may have some knowledge of this.  I say some because not all doctors pay attention to supplements.

And finally – you can get your diet on track and do great at it but it means absolutely nothing if you are not exercising.  Zilch, nada, zero, crap.

that's me                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

So how about today you focus on what you’re eating and tomorrow we will talk about moving around?




That’s me.  I work hard dammit.  Let’s jump on this ship together, ok?  Bathroom selfie and all.


21 thoughts on “So you want to lose weight.”

  1. This is such a great post full of spot on information for losing weight and maintaining health! You’re so good at this my friend, you should’ve been a dietitian! You know I try to be pretty good but my two weaknesses are sugar and salt so my goal is to get rid of those as much as I can…. nasty little white stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am definitely ready to refocus and get my tail back in all my pants without feeling like a busted can of biscuits. So glad I learned at some point how to eat healthy and manage portions vs the fad diets of days past…plus I can tell you once I hit my 40’s the fad dieting didn’t really work the way it once had! And yes…WW is the best for learning portion control I will totally agree but just controlling portions isn’t enough for me to get rid of the belly fat in my 40’s….it has to be the right balance of portions of the low sugar low carb foods. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a great post my dear! Get it girl! I gained 25 pounds when I quit smoking. It took me over 2 years to lose every one of those pounds(I wouldn’t trade it for the world), but I have kept them off because I did it the right way. I made lifestyle changes (little to no carb and portion control), not a diet and made exercise part of my regular routine. And now I am addicted, just like you! And I allow myself to stuff my face with tacos on special occasions and then get back on the horse the next day. That’s how I have stayed an ex smoker for almost 5 years, I have had some cigarettes here and there, but then I get back on the horse and don’t start the clock anew because, again, its a lifestyle change, not a diet from cigarettes. Cheers to healthy choices and a new year!

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