A fresh, short Q&A for 2k17.

Resolutions for the New Year?:

  1.  I have a few in mind.  I’ll get back to ya.
  2. More video skills!  I feel like mine are very limited right now!
  3. Dolly, duh.
  4. More intentional acts of service to those in need – specifically the homeless.
  5. Boston – it will happen.
  6. UnInvited – I’m very behind in my Lysa T. books.
  7. I have several on tap but cannot share them here!
  8. How about a new restaurant each month?  I’m thinking this could be a new supper club.
  9. Life.


The insiders guide to spending a weekend in Boston. Follow this popular 2 day itinerary and save off these top Boston attractions.: Dolly Parton: 5 tips on creating video - If your one of the lot who confusingly forgets about this super awesome feature in their cameras. Here are 5 amazing tips on how to create unforgettable memories captured by video!: Serving others does not have to be hard, in fact it is often simple. When we serve those who need us, we are actually serving God.: Uninvited : Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely By Lysa TerKeurst: How to Start a Supper Club - OMG Lifestyle Bloghttp://omglifestyle.com/start-supper-club/:

Today is the oldest you've ever been; yet the youngest you'll ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts.




11 thoughts on “A fresh, short Q&A for 2k17.”

  1. But I want us to be in the same supper club! Dolly, duh, absolutely love it! You spunky little sweetie, you have the best second day of January. 2017 has great things in store for you!

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  2. I’m behind on my blog reading & just getting caught up!! I love this idea, and may have to borrow it!! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for one of my favorite blog friends!! Xoxo!!

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