Creating a Football Feasting Sesh!

Continuing the theme I have set aside for this week:  CREATE! As you are aware my team the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl.  I had toyed with the idea of having a Super Bowl get together saying no and then saying yes.  It has been decided that yes indeed I will celebrate… Continue reading Creating a Football Feasting Sesh!


Battles, Girls, & Grace

A few readers have emailed me dubbing these posts as the Sunday sermons.  I'm not so sure I like that but I guess I better flow with it since they used it in a positive light.  Sermon is often a negative word, did you realize that?  Oh well on with my message, friends.  My message.… Continue reading Battles, Girls, & Grace


Friday #4

Yay for the weekend!  Boo for the cold!  But there is wine so let's be bold.  That was cheesey. Linked up with Katie, Christina, and Andrea. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPggCTADF-R/ Friday night *a week ago* my bestie and I FINALLY got together.  She came down and we had a wonderful evening of Michael's, Target, Shoe Carnival, and finished… Continue reading Friday #4


Skepticism, Criticism, & Fear

Has it been a crazy a few days or what?  I think its been more than crazy.  It has made me skeptical, critical, and fearful.  Let me be honest with you - I spent Thursday as I normally do up at 5:30 and full speed ahead with kids, work, home, exercise, etc. Friday I became… Continue reading Skepticism, Criticism, & Fear


Project: Me!

January means making changes.  Lost in the chaos of exercise, health, debt reduction, and whatever other popular themes there are I'm going to add myself to this.  Sure, all the others add up to one self but c'mon there's fun stuff in the process too. Hair I love the January hair chair time.  Tomorrow is… Continue reading Project: Me!