Poppin’ Bottles In Da Club (Yeah That)

I think my days of getting lit like a G6 are kind of a decade ago.  However, NYE brings out the drinker, sipper, belligerent mongrel that resides deep down inside.  Right?

OK, OK maybe not for everyone but for a few of us it makes me want to grab some bubbly and giggle at its effervescence.

Today I’m coming at you with some favorite celebratory beverages of mine.  Since I fail to operate a well stocked home bar I had to rip a lot of my favorites from Pinterest.  I swear, people – what did we ever do without Pinterest?

My number on go to is….

super easy and yummy holiday drink! all you need is smirnoff fluffed marshmellow flavored vodka and sierra mist cranberry splash! pour 1 shot (1 1/2 oz) smirnoff, add 6 oz cranberry splash and serve with ice! soooo tasty and Christmas-y :):
Via Pinterest and really this isn’t what I use but it was a cute shot.

OK folks, listen up.  Go to the store and buy Absolut vodka – not Smirnoff – gross.  Buy the regular Absolut NOT the flavored mess.

Next up go to the non alcohol store and purchase Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale.  I mean you can do to the Sierra Mist holiday if you want but…ewww.

Get home and put a few rocks in that glass of your’s (there is no point in using a wine glass, be a champ and use a BIG GULP….or a regular 8 oz tumbler).  I prefer one and a half shots of vodka to four ounces of ginger ale.

Stir and drink.

Korbel Sweet Rose

This will be everywhere tonight.  Korbel is inexpensive and pretty darn delicious if you ask me.  My palate prefers dry but this sweet Rose (pretend there is an accent there, ok?) is pretty delicious.  I actually think I have a bottle in the fridge ready to go.  Of course I bought it last year.  HA!

Some of you will drink beer for new years.  I understand.  Not everyone can hold the grown up libations well.  If I was drinking beer on NYE I would probably go for Ultra because that’s the only beer I really like currently.  Wait that’s wrong – Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s porter would be my go to.  And I would be the cheap drinker because two would totally fill me up for the entire night!

Appalachian Mountain Brewery. Here's to the land of the long leaf pine...:

Being that I am a Southerner I have a fond respect for good Bourbon. Most people look at me funny when I share that for the longest time my “good” bourbon was Jim Beam.  (College was good but cheap, friends.)  When it is cold outside bourbon is the choice drink because there really is no other brown fermentation project that can be so very versatile to warm you up.

Happy Days Are Here Again – a good recipe for NYE – get your favorite bourbon and mix with Domaine de Canton, bitters, and cider.


Bourbon and coffee also fit together quite well.  If you need a warm drink to get you in the spirit then try out this one.

This Kentucky Bourbon Coffee is a Southern take on an Irish coffee, and is the perfect drink to keep you warm this winter. This caffeinated cocktail is made with freshly brewed coffee, coffee liqueur, bourbon, and cream.
Kentucky Bourbon Coffee via Champagne-Tastes

No matter what you are sipping on today and this evening remember the number one rule…

Don’t spill.


BE RESPONSIBLE!  Do not drink and drive!  Cabs are available, DD’s are available, and dropping your keys and sleeping in a booth is totally OK tonight. Don’t drink to get drunk – that is foolish and gross.  Drink to enjoy and to let the guard down a wee bit.  Enjoy yourself and your last moments of this year that has been a hot mess!

Enjoy this sianora to the old and hola bebe to the new.  Catch us on Snapchat (abullnojoke) and Instagram (cardiocabkeyboard) today and tonight!

I'm pretty sure this is something you're supposed to post around new year's, but I like it so I'm gonna post it now  you can make it a good year at any point, you don't have to start on New Year's Day :



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