#GOALS in 2K17


If anyone has been ready to see a year go bye-bye it is me.- and do not let the door hit you on the arse as you walk away.

Look, 2016 did not start off in a bad way.  The winter was fine and the spring was good.  Somewhere in the summer and all through the fall the year just started to sting, bite, and hit.  It was a very naughty and harsh year.

I do not want to be where 2016 placed us ever, ever again.  Thank you for the lessons, 2016, but please leave.

A lot of people are making their lists of what they want to do in the new year.  I love that!  I’m a natural-born list maker.  Some people are writing what they do not want to do in the new year.  I also love that!  I vowed earlier in the week to give up some control in 2017.

It is fun to read over and over again how no one is going to let what others think of them bother them (good luck, honies) and to not worry about their homes (I feel ya homies) and also to lose eight, ten, twenty, two hundred and twenty-four pounds (Rock it).

I don’t want to do resolutions.  I’m not created for resolutions.  I’m created for micromanaging.  And yes I just admitted to that.  Micromanaging myself and no one else because seriously – I don’t want your life.  I want mine to be chaotically fine-tuned to a strange off-key beat of a possible drum or trumpet…nope totally a synthesizer.

This year I want to do goals for each quarter.  Goals that actually pertain to something going on in my life at that point.  I wrote out a skeleton of things for 2017 and it looked like this….


So what do you think?  Do you think this could work for you in 2017?  I like being able to focus on a small chunk of short-term goals for events happening at that time of year.  This style of planning and goaling will keep me focused on what is immediate and not what is six months away.  My mind likes to wander!

Also, I didn’t want to put too much in my goal list because a few things are good but a lot of things are a chore!  We always need to remember unexpected stuff is going to pop up every now and then so I’m lessening the goals each month in the event life happens in the midst of it all.

Here’s to a great year ahead!




12 thoughts on “#GOALS in 2K17”

  1. I love your goals and I love that you are doing them quarterly. My favorite are the projects involving paint 🙂 I have a couple of pieces that I want to paint around here this winter as well. I hope you have a Happy New Year! And I agree with your sentiments, goodbye 2016 and WELCOME 2017!

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    1. I was just over at your blog! You painting that house – go girl. I just hate painting rooms!!! However, I must admit I have been toying with the idea of repainting my bedroom *shout NO here*. I love projects as you may can tell here on my blog. I cannot wait to bring more of my projects to you guys this year! Here’s to a great new year for us both! xoxoxox


  2. You are not the first person that has said 2016 was just not the year for them and I hate that. I suck at resolutions and usually do the word-of-the-year thing, but I’m not even doing that this year. Can you say, “loser”? Oh, well. That’s how I plan to roll for 2017.

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  3. Love the idea of doing shorter term goals, and I’m a list person myself. I cannot function without one. I’d lose my own head if I didn’t have a list that said to keep it on! I’m sorry to hear 2016 was such a boo. I sure hope 2017 proves to so much better for you. Have a wonderful New Years Weekend!

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