Christmas Notes…

Three days and it is here.  The morning we wake up and the kids scream and run around.  The morning I drink a couple extra cups of coffee.

And this year Christmas comes on Sunday.

Oh come let us adore Him #freeprintable via http://kaitlynbouchillon.com/:
In church…on Sunday…hello Christmas! Found this on Pinterest, love it.


I found it comical that people thought church would be cancelled due to the holiday.  Yes, why not cancel church since it is the whole reason for the church’s celebration of birth.  I mean it makes no sense to go worship on the day of the son of God becoming flesh.

C’mon y’all.

This year I must admit it is a bit of a messy schedule.  It took a couple weeks to figure out and be content with the new schedule of events for Christmas celebrations but we did it and we will persevere.

I wish it meant fewer annoying toys for the kids.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 37 Pics:
Retro and I think I need that Scottie.

Many of you finished your Christmas shopping in February.  You truly are a case of nuts.  Here we are so close to the day and I realize I will not be finished with my shopping until Friday evening.  Possibly Saturday by lunch.  And I’m not kidding you.

What ever happened to Dirty Santa?  That game could save me a lot of headache.

My family this year is in a state of chaotic retreat.  I have a kid brother who is a typical millenial.  Did I even spell that correctly?  He is the stereotypical kid born in 1995.  Everything he does I just shake my head at.  In a world of Golden Retrievers he would be the Heinz 57 to walk out.

Every family has one…:
Well it isn’t quite my family from the 80’s but hey!

I plan to self medicate before all family events this year.

My husband’s family.  More self medication.  I received a message this week from my husband’s grandmother asking if she gave my daughter a tea set if I would treasure it.  I’m not quite sure what that means.  I mean what are we talking about here.

Me when I do not self medicate (via Tumblr)

We’re talking about self medication, obviously.

The flu is in my county.  I have heard of several folks coming down with it over the past few days.  Of course I always hear about illness around the time I am having more children welcomed in my door for a little party of sorts.  Remember children are walking petree dishes.  I really like to live on the edge obviously.

Ha ha so me when dealing with sick people.:
This is true.  I suck.

Medicate children with echinacea, water, and insane amounts of rest.

I pinned down our NYE plans this week.  A dinner out and then back home to probably fall asleep LONG before the ball drops and calendar fades into 2017.  Eventually, I will buy a cocktail dress and really party in the New Year again.  I may be living in a retirement home when it happens but I will.  Until then I’ll settle for dinner with good friends and the comfort in knowing how fabulous our sitter is with our children.

It's that time of the year again. - Imgur:
With a full belly of good food and VT.  🙂  No not Vermont, vodka tonic.

Little blessings in large numbers are so much more special these days.

If Santa could appear magically for me I would have him bring me a coffee table.  We haven’t had one since our daughter was under a year old.  I am missing it these days – many years later.  I do believe I know what my next DIY post will be for 2017.

The crafting and furniture bug will re-bite.

12509755_1022153384508620_8214417795873140855_n.jpg (960×960):
Duh to blog…

I pray you have a wonderful day of fun and laughter – even if you are on the clock  I hope your coffee is smooth and your scale number does not increase no matter how many helpings of Christmas cookies you devour.  Here’s to peace, love, and joy.



Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now sign:

6 thoughts on “Christmas Notes…”

  1. Self-medicate away lady! Little blessings in large numbers are abound this time of year and I am feeling so thankful for all of them. A student brought me some homemade cocoa mix and some Baileys and that will probably go down Christmas morning 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think treasure the tea set means put it up high in the closet and never play with it! I’m sure that’s exactly what C wants for Christmas!! Ha! Maybe you can play with it in your new coffee table!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love knowing I can always come here and find a laugh! My oldest son..total millenial and it is exhausting! Self medicate for spending time with family? Oh heavens yes. And a treasured tea set? Sounds like every little girls dream. 🙂 Merry Christmas Amanda!


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