Pulling an Elsa.

SO Facebook likes to remind us of posts from a year or two ago – and sometimes even longer ago.

This week, on Monday, my Facebook memory was a picture of my then two year old son looking up at the camera.

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That’s it. This picture doesn’t seem to be anything special – just a kid looking up at his mom.

But what you don’t know is that is a two year old who had just spent close to twenty weeks living in cramped quarters with his mama, daddy, sister, nana, and papa.  He is standing in his house – his very own house – again after a whole team of workers picked it up from rubble and built it back again.

I often times think about that experience.  Coming home from an evening out to find our home totally apart and teetering.  The whirlwind of worry, doubt, fear.  The waves of immense love.  The fall of 2014 was difficult but doable.  It was a test and I think we passed it even when we really thought we couldn’t.

There are times when my husband and I accept what all we have been through and wish that if it had to happen it would have happened a little later in our lives.  When the kids were a bit older so they could really understand the events of that fall and maybe have a different view on possessions and also community.

But God, we really believe, has things happen at just the right time under his own reasoning.

Church and Religious Banners and Clergy / Ministerial and Choir Stoles Pg. 1  by Julie Rodriguez Jones:

I’m not sure where you are right now with the holidays.  Maybe you don’t celebrate.  Maybe you’re having a hard time embracing the season.  I get that.  I understand the difficulties of this thing called life.  However, at the same time I want to encourage you.  You should know that even though life is peppered heavily sometimes it is for a reason that may make no logical sense to us.  We just have to endure and put our hearts to the test and not let our minds destroy our faith.

Find some time this week to sit in silence and pour out the emotion that you are holding in.  Cleanse your soul of all the sadness, grief, fear you may have.  Let it out so it can blow away in the wind.

Sometimes its the best gift to realize you can just pull an Elsa and let it go….that simple.



5 thoughts on “Pulling an Elsa.”

  1. It really is hard sometimes to let it go but it does seem easier with age and more perspective. I obviously missed out on this piece of your story friend…glad you were someone of faith who was able to focus and put your life back together.

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