2 Pins

This week is busy for us.  I imagine a lot of you are finding it to be quite slammed too.  I wanted to share two pins (again) this week to help us kind of get ahead of the game.

The first one is for anyone who needs to bake a last minute cookie.  I tried this pin last week and immediately became addicted to the end result.  No worries the whole house and the in-laws are now addicted to these amazing Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies.  And to make this even more merrier for you – you can eat the dough and not worry!  There are no eggs in it!  Go for the gold, y’all!

Holiday Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies via @https://www.pinterest.com/BaknChocolaTess/:

Pin number two is one of my most favorite foods, Texas Caviar!  I don’t know why but at the holidays I think about this awesome side and or dip.  It really is very good for your and if you haven’t had it then I can tell you it is like an American Salsa minus the sauce!  Here is a pin that is the recipe I like to use when I make this yummy and healthy side.

Texas Caviar - I make something similar, but use rice wine vinegar and a small amount of sugar and don't use chili powder.:

Now my mouth is watering…better go!



6 thoughts on “2 Pins”

  1. I’m in with the cream cheese and all and pretty green color….CUTE cookies!! We make Texas Caviar all the time, well, I do and sometimes I stand over the counter and devour it right outta the bowl all my myself!! Love that stuff!! Happy Tuesday terrific awesome pal!!!

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