I know I do not really do weekend recaps but considering the season we are in…I must!


My son may have made me this for Christmas…he’s being very quiet about it.  I think that’s the next hot formal China print for 2017 brides.

The last day of school for 2016!  #godgivemethestrength

We picked up loads of Dunkin Donuts and took munchkins to the third grade breakfast and a couple dozen to the preschool.  #jackthemuponsugar

I took off to the post office to deliver packages.  The nicest postal worker every took my packages and did all the work for me!  #thatiscustomerservice #ilovemypublicservantworkers

In my downtime at home I totally cleaned the lower level and reorganized a couple areas.  To say I’m in the Christmas spirit is a massive understatement.  #girlgotgame

Did I mention it was freezing? I woke up to 19 degrees and swear it stayed there all day long.  #iwillletthispassasitischristmas

My goal for Friday night was comfy clothes, hot coffee, and driving around admiring other’s Christmas decor.  Well… it did not happen but falling asleep in the recliner watching Christmas Vacation did happen….at 8:40.  #yeahbaby #thatshowiroll #idontknowaboutyoubutifeelthirtyfive


I am happy to report that my son and daughter did not brawl and were actually two camels and a couple wise guys.

My Saturday was spent cleaning a move in.  The kids went to my local in-law’s house for the day.  It was cold, rainy, and just yuck outside! #gooddaytoworkorjustsleep

Saturday evening was the kids’ nativity at church.  They did well!  My daughter is Mary but you can barely see her.  My son is a camel.


Afterwards, the hubs and I took the kids downtown and then off to see Christmas lights around our little map dot.  I was unable to take pictures since I was in charge of the ship. #alwaysthedriver


Is now a good time to tell you that I am up by 6 on the weekends?  Ugh, yes.  Since we began Christmasing with family yesterday I was up and ready to tidy up my house and get things ready for my SC in-laws (my husband and I are both from divorced families) visit.

The hubs worked so the kids and I made it to the late service at church.  #justwhatineeded


When we got home I finished up lunch – pork tenderloin, creamed potatoes, green beans, corn, and cookies!  Then I sat my butt down and chilled with a nice glass of Pinot Noir. #cheaperthanprescriptions

When the in-laws arrived the kids were totally ecstatic!  #hellopresents

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
Hanging out with Nana Terry.  The kids love her visits.  I took photos with my new Instax instead of the phone so sorry digital world…#retro

My night was spent baking and watching TV!  I made cow patty cookies (AKA no bake chocolate oatmeal for you city slickers) and the most addictive cookie known to man – Oreo Cream Cheese.  Shut your mouth they are the best.

I also sipped a lot more Pinot Noir since my mom kept the kiddos overnight – I am working three days this week.  She let the kids come sleep over at her place so they didn’t have to wake up early with me!  #thanksmama #proofiamthebestdaughter #somehowthatfits

merry + happy | christmas trees:
via Seeking The South

That’s our weekend in a nutshell.  I hope your weekend was festive and fun.  Here’s to the start of a busy week.  I hope we all have smooth work days and extra time off to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with our families! #andthatisthat

Wishing you a blessed week!



8 thoughts on “Recapping”

  1. I cried when I saw the no bakes….my late MIL was the maker of these, my husband’s fav, but she’s only been gone 18 months and when I made them for his birthday he cried, so I didn’t make them this year. I’m up at 6 on weekends too, miss festive overachiever, so all I want for Chritmas is a good sleep til 8!! Guess what -25 wind chill as we speak!! Ugh. Love your lil town and lil sweet man’s creations!! Priceless!! Happy festive Monday sweet pea!!

    Liked by 1 person

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