Friday (The One Before Christmas)


In seven days we will be so close to the magical night of Christmas Eve that I just cannot stand it!  I love this season but, friends, the swiftness of it’s passing is just deplorable!  The weekend ahead will set the pedal to the metal as we start Christmasing at full speed.  Today is the last day of school for 2016; tomorrow is the Christmas program at church; Sunday we will host my in-laws from South Carolina.  It really is go time for all things Christmas.  All I can do is hold on tight and sit here and reminisce on what the past seven days held for us.

Another Santa visit…

And I failed to take a picture…probably because the guy with the massive Cannon was taking them and I thought I may get a couple from him…fail.

Last Saturday we ventured out to have a pancake breakfast with our favorite man with a weight issue.  The week before the kids visited with Santa at Bethabara and that was fabulous.  That Santa had his stuff together and was a true professional elf.  However, he didn’t quite wear the red suit that children are accustomed to…especially four year olds.  Last weekend when Santa walked in wearing his crushed velvet red trimmed with white fur and donning an elastic band beard my son lit up like, well, a proverbial Christmas tree.  His eyes welled up with tears as he looked at me and said, “That’s Santa!”

As I get a little older I realize how special Santa is to little ones.  While we were eating a little boy walked in and made a bee line to Santa’s lap.  He bounced right up and started talking…in Spanish!  Santa just nodded and smiled and hugged him.  That little boy was so thrilled – it really made me tear up.  Santa is the language of love.  It isn’t about toys its about someone who makes you feel so special and so loved.  That is Christmas.

Christmas spirit week…


This week was a Christmas themed spirit week for our daughter at her school.  Monday she had ugly sweater day.  I made her an ugly sweater since I’m too cheap to go spend $36 on one, yeah I said it!  Her brother had pajama day.  I snapped a picture Monday before we headed out the door.  They were so excited!  Add in more excitement when every child in my daughter’s school received a new pair of Under Armour sneakers thanks to a local church’s Christmas mission project.  Yes, every child received a brand new pair of their choosing!  What a huge blessing to so many.  We can afford to clothe and feed our kids but it really made me think about the parents and grandparents who struggle.  It also reminded me of the kids who do not know what it means to have something that is their own and not passed down and tattered.  If you think kids aren’t excited about getting new shoes I challenge you to think again.

Preschool Christmas Program…

Image may contain: 1 person

Wednesday was my little guy’s preschool program.  He was a wiseman this year.  I’m soaking up every single preschool moment I can.  Yes, I’m holding him back a year from starting school so I’m excited I will get one more year after this.  The memories of my daughter in her preschool programs are some of the most special ones I hold of her!

Nativity practice…

Image may contain: outdoor

We really started feeling those winter temperatures on Wednesday night here in NC.  The arctic temps that had been terrorizing the upper Midwest and New England decided to start their visit with us on Wednesday night.  It just so happened the kids were outside in their classic nativity apparel and we parents were outside watching and laughing.  Yes, laughing.  I mean my blonde hair, blue eyed, porcelain skin daughter is Mary!  And Joseph is her male twin!  I deemed it a Swedish Nativity!  My son is a camel…and yes, he ate the straw.

Christmas Shopping…

I thought it concluded this week.  I was a bit wrong.  I will be wrapping for a few more days and trying to force myself to make a couple more stops to purchase two more gifts.  Ugh.  Catch my fabulous gifting guide by clicking here – it really is not to be missed.

Little notes…

This week has been filled with good food, hot cocoa, coffee, planning,  and Christmas specials.  I’m soaking in the season and doing what I challenged us all to do at the start of the month….#justlive.  I hope you have too.  In this chaotic season of what should be simplicity and joy we must remember it isn’t the bows or paper or dress or casserole – it is the ability to live and help one another and just enjoy every moment.  Let’s do more of that in the coming weekend and week and a little less stressing.  Deal?




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6 thoughts on “Friday (The One Before Christmas)”

  1. WOW! What an awesome looking nativity shin-dig! That looks like fun! And your story about the kid speaking Spanish to Santa reminded me of a video I saw on social media this week of Santa talking in sign language to a hearing-impaired little girl. It made me smile!


    1. Lots of fun planned for that nativity tonight! But we’ll all be freezing no doubt. This “Santa” didn’t have mad skills and clearly couldn’t communicate with the spanish speaking little one but did make him feel pretty good! xo


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