Randomness: Mid December

The most enjoyable posts are the ones where I feel like we just let the thought process puke all over the keyboard.  You appreciate my eloquence, do you not?

print & pattern: CHRISTMAS 2016 - john lewis:

Here we go…

Every day I watch the sun come up.  Who can say that?  Ok nevermind a million people. #fiveoclockalarm

I’m reading my list and checking it twice and deducting! #lifeisbetterwhenyoucancrossstuffout

I hope they aren’t giving me a gift this year.  #readingpostsonfacebookanddecidingyouaremaxedoutonspending

Why didn’t I ask for that damn Polaroid camera I just realized they made when I was in Walmart last week and it was on rollback?  #ihopesomeoneisreadingthiswhoneedstobuymesomething

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.  #littlekidsvisitingsanta #tellingmyselfthisnotthem

Wait a second all good television is coming to an end? #tilnextyearthisisus #youngerforever

Now everybody is going to ask if I died my hair.  #letthesmartassremarksbegin

My gosh I have a lot of clothes! #meredithismyfairyclothesmother

How do you drown family drama?  #passthewine

She’s not here stop looking.  Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry. #lookingforminnie #alldogsgotoheaven

NOOOOO!!!!!  #ifinishedthecrown

General Tso is my homeslice. #andtenpoundsifidonotcutitout

I haven’t been to the gym in a week.  I am baking and eating this s#*!  #firstworldholidayproblems

And that is that.




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