2 Pins for Wednesday!

We are certainly in the busy season and I don’t know about you but I’m thanking the Lord for some Pinterest.  It has saved my butt twice this week.  Today’s post is dedicated to the pins that helped me out in a big way!

The first pin to share is this one from sugarfreemom.com.  I have changed my diet up a bit and needed to restock my recipe book.  Well this meal does not let you down.  Healthy, lean cuts of chicken paired with EVOO, lemon juice, and some chicken broth.  I did not have capers and decided against the parsley.  Instead, I used some Italian seasoning and this was a delicious main course!

I served this up with some green beans and roasted potatoes.  Of course I opted for turnip greens with mine because of my slight addiction.  This meal only took me roughly twenty-five minutes to make so it was the perfect in-a-pinch dinner to cook!

The next pin comes from bettycrocker.com.  I was in a pinch and needed to make some sweet treats.  I had an hour so I took to Pinterest to see what I could pull together.  Don’t you just love Betty?  With a sugar cookie mix, butter, egg, and some M&M’s and vanilla chips I made these guys!

You can’t go wrong with sugar cookies and chocolate! Just five ingredients are required for these crowd-pleasing bars that’ll look extra festive on your holiday table. To make them a little fancier, drizzle with melted white or dark chocolate, or cut them in triangles or diamonds instead of squares.:
Pin this here!

For me they turned out like blondies instead of cookie bars.  I did not use butter but used Light I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter and mixed them at a high speed.  They came out of the oven smelling like heaven and after they cooled for an hour I cut them into blondie bites.  Oh so good, guys!

Have you made a really great pin lately?  I would love to hear about it!





12 thoughts on “2 Pins for Wednesday!”

  1. I use the ICBINB in place of the heavy butter too, it works great in baking..those bars..so festive and Chicken crave right there!! Happy mid-week angel pie!!

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  2. I have seen those bars floating around Facebook and pintrest and think they would be fun for the kids to make or to bring to school for a treat. We might have to make up a batch, how easy! Also, that chicken sounds SO good and something we would all like at this house. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

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