Good morning.  Friday looks so pretty dressed in its Christmas sweater with a pug wearing antlers on it.  Since it is Friday I should share that I’m linked up at High Five For Friday with Katie.  I’m also linked up with Andrea at Momfessionals.  Also, the link to CC&K’s Facebook page was broken yesterday so you can click here to go “like” the page and get a little giggle here and there.  (Thanks to Missy over at Shitty Kitchen for letting me know about the link!)

Oh and I had a whole file of photos to share this week but for some reason the phone isn’t sending them to the PC.  This means I’m angry.  When I’m angry you should stay back at least 200 feet or items may fly at you.  (Good thing you’re reading this from a screen!)



Last Friday night the kids had a Christmas party and mama had some down time that led to a hot date with Heather.  It isn’t important that we ate $75 worth of food at Carrabas.  What is important is that we laughed really hard and had a blast together!

So this is the spot reserved for Heather’s picture at the dining table smiling over a plate of not so good mushrooms.  Everyone say hello to Heather!

I also got a chunk of Christmas shopping finished up!  Did you catch our wish lists we made?  I may or may not have purchased anything on them ha!


Saturday we took the kids to see Santa at Historic Bethabara.  I could do a whole history lesson for you but I’ll withhold.  We then did a little Christmas browsing including looking at the new lofts that were restored out of the old RJR factory in Downtown Winston.  I’ll move there one day.  Just kidding it isn’t the beach.

My mom and I went to visit a longtime adoptive family member at the local Hospice house on Sunday.  You’ll notice a bit of death in this post.  She was actively passing when we visited and it was heavy on my heart.  Just a couple of months ago I watched my grandmother go through that exact transition.  I couldn’t say anything. I just said prayers in my mind for her to go.  Afterwards, mom and I hit up Michael’s for some crafting retail therapy and had dinner together.  Let’s not forget the Walmart trip after dinner – I ended up doing a bit more shopping for Christmas!

Monday was marked by sadness.  I had my aunt’s funeral to attend at eleven but at nine thirty I was sitting in the vet’s office as the puppy dog I picked out sixteen years ago was examined.  She couldn’t move and her jaw was clinched.  The verdict – renal failure.  We let her go that afternoon.  My heart broke and to be honest it is still broken.


Ms. Hazel, who we visited on Sunday, passed away on Monday as well.  If you ever have a case of the Mondays I want you to refer to this post – my Monday was a funeral, my dog dying, and the passing of a lady that was like a grandma to me.  That is a totally crap day.

This is the spot reserved for the picture of Chippy all bundled up in her blanket watching the movie with us.

The daughter and I cuddled up and watched Elf this week.  It was a total girl’s night with Chippy (yes she’s a girl) snuggled up in between us wrapped up in a blanket!

Is now a good time to share with you I got in ZERO workouts?  Yes, zero  Between a lot fo work and a lot of emotional drainage I just couldn’t.  Monday we start fresh.

This is where I had a photo of the third grade presenting to us about Chinese New Year.  I also had a shot of my daughter sitting by the tree at her school.  

Tuesday night was PTO and the third grade shared with us (the parents) about the Chinese New Year.

Wednesday night we headed to church only to find out the group my girl is apart of (OK prior to swim coming into our lives) was on a trip.  This was the first Wednesday that swim was cancelled so she was super excited to attend His Kids.  When we were told they were on a trip and had left earlier she was crushed.  I took her with me Christmas shopping and though she pouted the whole way there she ended up having a blast.  I took zero pictures and spent too much money.  That’s life.  At least my house looks cute.

Thursday was another crazy busy day.  Another funeral too.  I spent the night cleaning own my house.  This is a good time to tell you we have a mouse (again, got to love rural living.)  The new mouse is very curious about me.  He has no fear of humans and just last night walked right up to me to check me out.  I cannot handle that.  Nothing paralyzes me like a three ounce animal.  I silent screamed and beat my dog on the back to please intercept.  She did not.  She is too lazy or she’s a Quaker.  Like another blogger Snapped me one time – If they (mice) aren’t sewing me dresses they need to go away.

She saw a mouse - funny dog pictures - http://jokideo.com/:

And now we are at Friday….ahhhhh!  Aside from giving all money we may have to utilities and bills I will enjoy today as I am headed to see the wonderful Lizz (my hairdresser) and then later this evening I am going out to dinner with my husband (and another couple I do not know, eeek!)  The weekend is looking to be a busy one but a good one none the less.  Celebrating being alive I believe is on the agenda after this week’s severe roughness.  I think we will also dive into some of our holiday traditions too.

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite blend?!":

If you didn’t catch last week’s Sipping Saturday post you can by clicking here.  There should be another up tomorrow!

OK let’s get ready, set, and GO to the weekend!





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  1. You know my heart is breaking and aching for your and I feel your sadness. I relate and lift you up prayer and hopes for a soothing and laid back weekend that brings you joy. Love you to pieces my sweet friend!!

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