All Decorated!

That post title is deceiving as all get out.  I have this habit of decorating Thanksgiving weekend and then laying off of it for a while.  Then I start back up closer to Christmas.  Is that normal?

Today I’m linked up with the girls (again!) to share our holiday decor with you guys.  This will be a super short post!

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I did not grow up in a house that went all out decorating for the holidays.  We had a tree (one year it was twelve feet tall!) and we hung our stockings and that was it.  I love to decorate but I never do what I set out to.  Maybe its simmering in the back of my brain and one year my house will be so overly decorated that all will fall in wander?


Every year we go to Greene Tree Farm in Boone, North Carolina to get our Christmas tree.  This family is the best!  They have a homey little farm and welcome you in with hot cocoa or apple cider.  You venture up the hill and seek out the perfect tree.  Every year we seem to get a very plump tree.  This year I wanted a tree of my choosing – short and fairly skinny.  My kids had a field day with picking out Charlie Brown style trees for me.  I settled on this guy….


Thanks to Heather I decided to learn to make pom poms and make my own garland for our tree this year.  We generally do not do garland but this year I wanted to change it up!  Our color theme for this is year is bright blue and red.  (Patriot Nation…old school.)

Our tree is not dripping with ornaments.  I love the trees that are covered in them!  However, I just kind of go for understated.


You may remember this bench from a post in November.  Yes, my hubby made that!  Doesn’t it look festive for Christmas?  Our house originally had two mantels but after everything we now have zero.  I’m so glad we have this piece to hang our stockings on.  Santa better fill them up nicely.

I love having my shelves in the living room.  I took the clipping from our tree and used them here and in the kitchen.  That’s an old oil can that they are in.  I had the bow stashed in a closet.  Don’t you love when you make something cute with stuff you have around the house?


That nativity was my favorite Christmas purchase of 2015.  I was on the look out for something different and I found it!  This hand crafted nativity was made in Argentina.


In the kitchen I decorated my shelves with hints of vintage Christmas.  On the top shelf you see Noel – that is original to my house.  It was my great grandmother’s and I put it out every year.

Outside we have the house lit up in colored lights.  My husband and daughter picked that out.  Mama likes white lights but your kids are only little for a tiny bit of time so why not?


There you have it the very simple decor over at the Cabernet house.

I cannot wait to see yours!  Make sure you go “Like” the blog’s Facebook page and share something in your home for the holidays!  If you are a Snap Chat then catch me where I overly share everything ha!  (abullnojoke)

Merry Christmas –


17 thoughts on “All Decorated!”

  1. LOVE the addition of your poms and the stockings hung on Mr’s masterpiece…brilliant idea. At our old house…9 years a go now, hubs strung lights all around the outside but he says too old for the peaks now, lol so outside stays a lil more simple, lol. Your house looks great!! LOVE your sweet touches..so cozy and cute!!

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