Dear Santa! 12/5 Link Up

Is thirty-five too old to make a Christmas list?  C’mon now, be honest with me!  If you said no then we’re best friends now.  If you said yes then you are a sour puss!

Today I am linking up with Victoria & Sarah.  This month they are doing a weekly Christmas link up.  Today’s topic is Your Christmas List.

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We actually started off Thanksgiving week by making out Christmas lists here at our home.  The four of us sat down in the kitchen and wrote out a few things that we would like to have.  Of course it is more for the kids to list out some things they love but it is helpful for adults to write down a few things too!

I am thrilled that my side of the family has decided to draw names for gifting this year.  When I think about being an adult and gifting I immediately say to myself – But we get whatever we are wanting most of the time!  On our own at that!  However, it is wonderful to be remembered with a material token…hey, I’m human I like presents!

Instead of showing you just my list I wanted to show you all our lists.  No worries, it is a short post!

My own list:


Leave it to me to classify items.  Some things on that list include the Canon Selphy Printer at Michael’s!  Have you seen it?  I’m just thinking I could totally get the photos off the phone!  A new lap top being that mine is missing keys and the right side of the keyboard locks up on the regular.  I also have small things on there like nail polish and gift cards.  The dreaming section at the bottom says, “A couple, couples only get aways in 2017.”  I can dream, right?  Thanks, Santa!

My husband’s list:


Can you read that chicken scratch?  My favorite thing on this list is:  No Pajama Pants.  That made me laugh so hard.  Last year I think he got three pairs!  Of course he asked for things for the workshop (miter saw and a bench grinder).  I know exactly what I’m getting him this year and yes it is on that list.  Shhh, I’m not telling!

My daughter’s list:

I organize mine and she has a two part list.  This year she’s asking for an Mp3 player and the green slip has the songs she wants on it.  She is also asking for clothing and a Yorkie Poo? What? Like her dad she wants something Nintendo.  I really like how she added peace on earth.

My son’s list:


Asking the littlest member of the family was like pulling teeth!  He really could care less what he gets for Christmas and I love that about him!  I remember when my daughter didn’t care what she received.  I think there is also a lot to be said about us humans – the littlest of us really know what Christmas is – a joyful celebration.  Little Man did say he wanted some books and some Rescue Bots.  I’m not sure what exactly the sleeping bag with a banana on it is stemming from (I guess his Dinosaur one is old news!)

The dog’s list:

So maybe she didn’t write one due to that whole thumbs issue.  If she could write one she would want the following (I am sure of it!)

  • Treats, the bacon kind!
  • Some new lovies aka stuffed animals she tears to shreds
  • Belly rubs
  • Ear scratches
  • To sleep in the bed with us again (Sorry sister, you’re too much of a bed hog!)

OK it is your turn!  What are you asking Santa for this year?




16 thoughts on “Dear Santa! 12/5 Link Up”

  1. Precious!! Now, how in the world would Santa not say, these kiddies, all 4 have been sooooo good, ho ho ho, you make Santas job easy”…..your gift cards are all my favs too..love girlies Santa and tell her I don’t want any pajama pants either, lol and she’s brilliant I tell ya….a two part list!! Is she like me where I make lists about my lists??? Love this post! I’ve saved some of the boys lists…gonna go find them today and tear up reminiscing, lol. Happy week ahead beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ok….first of all your freaking hand writing is AMAZING! I’m totally cracking up that your husband wrote down no pajama pants. That sounds like my man. And I would be all about a couples getaway….or any kind of getaway.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha my dad has the exact same chicken scratch as your husband so I am an expert in translating it! I guess he gets pajama pants every year? I wish Santa would bring my dog the ability to to not sleep in the bed without yelping because in or out, she annoys the you know what out of us. I hope you get some things on your list!

    Liked by 1 person

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