Saturday Sippin’

Ahhh another Saturday, thank you Jesus!  Today you will find us at Bethabara Park celebrating the season in true Moravian style.  Don’t worry I will spare you the history lesson, for now, but know that this is a super fun time for our area and a super great time to eat insanely delicious sugar cake too.

BUT this isn’t a food post.  This is a sipping post.  Now I’m at a loss as to how to tie in Moravian tradition with an adult beverage post.  <Shaking head with eyes closed>

If you’re looking for a nice wine to sip during your dinner tonight or when you are in the company of others guess what?  I have one for you because you are a responsible adult (21 or older) and you enjoy a nice glass of wine here and there.  I’m steering you away from my beloved Cabernet Sauvignon today and introducing you to a nice Pinot Noir.

You know Frances Ford Coppola from the lights and glamour of Hollywood.  The director who can make claim to great movies.  However, did you know that the Coppola family also has a stake in the wine market?  The man behind The Godfather knows something about Pinot Noir and the Coppola Votre Sante Pinot Noir is the little friend you all need to know about.  Wait, that was the other movie wasn’t it.  Ugh.

Francis Ford Coppola Votre Sante Pinot Noir 2012 (90pts)

This wine is a nice light dry wine.  I say light and you may think otherwise – to each their own.  There are hints of strawberry, raspberry, and aged oak.  It is a great red for a regular white wine drinker to sip on as they transition over to becoming a red fan.  I, a devout Cabernet lover, would easily choose this over most Cabernets – that says a lot!

Pair this wine up with your lean meats – chicken, salmon, white meat pork products.  Also this goes great with vegetables so this would be a good salad wine.

My favorite about this wine is the name – Votre Sante – which translates from French to English as “To Your Health!”

Find this wine in limited markets – unfortunately.  It is a Napa Valley wine so maybe just maybe Missy can pick some up for me?  Check your local Total Wine.  The price of this bottle ranges from $16-$18.

Happy Sipping!




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