Friday *December’s 1st*

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope this week has treated you so very well!  It is always hard getting back in the routine after a nice holiday break.  How lucky that another one is just around the corner.  Here are the moments and feels that made this week….


Why in the world did I schedule my yearly physical the Monday after Thanksgiving break?  I haven’t the slightest but I am happy to share that I lost a pound last week instead of gaining eleven ha!  That’s a high five for sure!  This appointment is more for insurance purposes than my own choosing.  I had my blood spun and the results are….

Not in.

UNFORTUNATELY – I ruptured my lower abs on Monday night at Mayhem.  Did I share with you that I switched up Combat for Mayhem?  Are you wondering what in the world Mayhem is?  Well, friends, it is very similar to CrossFit and it is a fabulous workout for the entire body.  This girl just kind of went balls to the wall and over did it causing her lower abs to <insert cut sound here>.  It made for a very rough few days.  I spent Tuesday in bed – which may have been just what the doctor ordered!

When you turn 35 you get cool things for Christmas like – new tires.  This week my husband gifted me new rubber for Kelly Kia and I’m happy with it.  Safety first considering my old set were Old Baldies and I don’t mean that light house on the NC coast!

Maybe you have heard that my fabulous state has been the victim of wildfires?  The last time I heard the count we had 56 fires in our mountain communities.  I was afraid this would effect our Thanksgiving trip but luckily it did not.  The fires were “set” by people – idiots!  I have heard various reasoning including the election results as to why people decided to light the forests on fire.  I swear how ignorant are people?  Burning the earth?  If you take fires and add that to the fact we had not had rain since October 8th then you get how bad of an issue this truly is.  Well, guys, this week God sent the rain!  It came in on Tuesday and stayed until….


Has television been great this week or what?  From the return of a Bravo favorite to Dolly’s second Christmas movie for NBC I was loving television this week!  Christmas is a fun time for the networks and I can tell.  It is a fun time for us too as I shared our Bucket List for the month!

This weekend I hope to bake a little and cook a little.  On Tuesday I shared some better eating options that I may or may not have followed to a tee this week.  Boiled eggs are a blogger favorite and reader favorite – that is one thing I did learn!



I haven’t mentioned this to you but I had a little event this week to attend.  I’m not sure if I will share it or not but it was a bit stressful for me.  It also, along with a blue million other things, inspired a post I published out yesterday.  Your sweet words to me referring to this post just made my day and put a perma-smile on my face.  Remember #justlive.

Now let’s gear up for a fun weekend.  I hope you get some rest and lot of laughter.  I am planning on relaxing with my family and enjoying their company.  Maybe we will have some couple time, maybe some good ole Christmas themed family time.  No matter what we’ll be celebrating a fabulous month ahead.



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10 thoughts on “Friday *December’s 1st*”

  1. The bench looks so cute with the truck pillow, I love those pillows. Oooh an event, cannot wait to hear about it. Yay to using one, I’m scared to go In February, hopefully I’ll be on the losing side by then. Soak up some sweet family time my beautiful friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the pops of blue in your tree! Is that Panther blue? 😉
    Hope you’re recovering after your injury. I’ve been moving slow this week, too, after trying to be a weekend warrior. Getting old sucks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just got new tires THIS week! Such a romantic gift! (Insert eye rolling emoji)

    I am sick over the fires. So senseless and devastating. We spent a week in Gatlinburg this summer. So gorgeous!

    Have you been playing Hard Candy Christmas? Love Dolly!

    Have a great weekend:)

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