2016 wraps up this month.  I love how the year ends on such a pretty and festive note.  Our little tree is sparkling and our house, God love it, has colored lights all over it.  Yeah, not a fan of colored lights but I will deal with it!

When I look back on this year I am a little saddened.  It just went by so quickly.  Lately, that is how the years roll – like someone put nitrous in the tank and then laid the hammer down.  My kids are not babies anymore.  My husband is always at work.  And now I’m thirty-five.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am blessed and I love my life!  I love every happy time and every mediocre moment.

This girl wrapped up November by going in for her physical and having a good ole heart to heart with her medical professional.  That led to this post and this very important revelation.

You should know I started this blog as a way for a thirty something to document life and write on topics that fall into this lost decade.  Our twenties were busy, the forties are fabulous, but what about the thirties?  They are quiet as we mull through making lunches, living off of coffee, and busting our tails at work and in workouts. We are so busy being knee deep in raising kids (if we have them) and keeping everything afloat that we seem to be MIA on the radar. But look at how many of us there are!

I’m dubbing December the month we #justlive – Not the month we run ourselves ragged and try to outdo each other or even ourselves.  This is the month we stop when we need to and let the little things just fall away.  If you are OCD like me you may need a refresher course on what little things really means!

Let’s not rush to get from point a to point b and let’s not think we have to keep up with anyone but ourselves.  Let’s eat the chocolate, watch the shows, and laugh at two a.m. about our inability function after staying up past our bedtimes.

Let’s take time to realize the greatest gift we can get is the one to wake up every morning and tuck our kids into bed every night.  Everything in between is just morsels of goodness and sometimes not so good things that we just will deal with to the best of our abilities.

Christmas is about the hope and the light.  Those are two very simple concepts and very simple pieces of grace.  In honor of that let’s agree to #justlive and not worry.

Happy December.




11 thoughts on “December…#justlive”

  1. You are spot on with the two biggest gifts each day. What a great post and great reminder as we enter this month. Thanks for this post, it came at the perfect time for me!

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