Food For Thought

I ate like a pig last week.  When I eat bad – I feel horrible.  My whole body rages against me to punish me for eating the sweet and salty and a little too comforting of foods.  Even a good workout cannot outweigh the bad feeling from over indulgence!  Speaking of that remind me to tell you about the newest exercise I have added into my life!

OK back to the topic at hand: For some odd reason I do not think I am alone in this whole body strike.  Today I am posting some recipes and meal ideas for the week.  You know, eat good this week so that over the weekend you do not feel like a total loser bum for eating Italian Creme Cake or Pecan Pie Bars or Shepherd’s Pie.  

Eastern egg:
Y’all know I love my birds and my eggs! (via Etsy)

This week breakfasts are protein based and limited on carbs for me.  I do try to take in my carbs for the day at breakfast but keep them limited to a maximum of seventeen.

Boiled egg, toast with locally sourced honey, and a small banana – favorite breakfast!

Scrambled egg, turkey bacon, toast with locally sourced honey – another favorite!

Atkins Protein Shake for the busy mornings where I don’t have time to eat – A.K.A. I slept too late!

Lunch is when I really eat!  This week I’m having redundant lunches but that is OK!  I don’t mind replicating meals.

Low carb chicken salad is on the agenda!  I like to have it plain, on a salad, or in a lettuce leaf wrap.  I can put this stuff back too – I am not going to lie to you about that!

Dr. Axe - Guide to Turnip Greens:

Turnip Greens with Squash & Onions are another HUGE favorite and totally shout out – She’s Southern!  I can eat greens every day all day long.  They are so good for you and high in vitamins and minerals.

Dinners are tricky because they have to be something a four year old and a nine year old will have interest in too!  This week I’m whipping up some family favorites including:

What's for dinner - Anne Taintor

Mexican Chicken Soup which is low carb and delicious.  I will be doubling or maybe tripling the recipe so we can enjoy it for a few nights (or all week if I so feel led!)

Turkey Burger “Steaks” are also on the plan.  I buy Butterball Turkey Burger and wrap them in foil with onions and mushrooms – don’t forget the Worcestershire sauce!  I bake them for about twenty minutes on 350 degrees and we’re good to go! Serve it up with green beans and its a score!

 I will feature recipes on Snap Chat this week!  So be sure to add me – abullnojoke!

Happy healthy feasting!



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8 thoughts on “Food For Thought”

  1. I love a good boiled egg and just did up a few Sunday for the week ahead, fam thought we were having deviled eggs…no kids…just boiled for mama, lol!! That soup is up my alley and did you say turkey burgers? I have some ground turkey thawing out so that is what it’ll be!! Gotta stay away from carbdom myself this week..I did horrible too I tell ya! Happy Tuesday sweets!!

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    1. Boiled eggs are my favorite! Had the soup last night and enough for tonight too. Yesterday I had to fast for blood work so I carbed it up when I could eat again eeeek! Luckily, I haven’t gained any weight and have maintained woo hoo!


  2. Your Turkey Burger Steaks sound good. I have never thought to do that. It’s so hard coming up with meals that are quick and please everyone…and are somewhat healthy. Hope you were able to recover today and are feeling better. Xoxo!!

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  3. Your breakfast ideas sound great! I am feeling the yucks from all the weekend food and keep eating carbs and bad stuff because I claim I am training my tummy for Napa…at least I am still working out! I hit a wall today and ordered a salad at the deli even though my companions had yummy sandwiches. I could not have another on purpose carb!

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