Manic Med Monday

Well hello, friends.  Here we are coming off the biggest eating weekend of the year and I have to ask:  How are your pants fitting you today?  I must admit I have carb-ed hard the past few days and threw caution to the wind that was blowing tasty, bad-for-me treats.

I also may have done something very foolish.

I scheduled my yearly physical with the lovely blood spin for today.

Snapchat friends will know that I freak out over going to the doctor.  It isn’t sitting in the exam room and having every metabolic process listened to that bothers me.  Truly, it is just the blood work.  I don’t mind the needles but I am scared to death of what those vials will reveal in the lab.

Words like triglycerides, HDL, LDL, plaque, so on and so forth – they are scary to me. To defend this statement I just need to say this:  I lost my Mammaw to heart disease and I lost my Dad-o to disease related directly to heart disease.  Sure she was seventy-two (young) and he was eighty-four; but it still scares me to pieces.

This visit to the doctor, or rather P.A. since we see her friendly face a lot more than the M.D.’s, will also bring other discussions.  I have officially crossed that barrier from, “I’m doing fantastic!”  To aches and pains of all sorts as my body starts to do what I guess is morph into a new phase.

I just need to remember she doesn’t do collagen or Botox.

So as you return to work today and smile and chat about pie, casserole, and the people you maimed while Black Friday shopping – shoot up a little prayer for me that the blood looks good and I win a gift certificate for some work.  HA!



2 thoughts on “Manic Med Monday”

  1. Shooting up the biggest prayer..”May my dear Amanda be relaxed, focused and may her doctor grant her a clean bill, calmness and a lil laughter!” LOVE ya my dear, you’ll do great!!! Don’t walk outta there with anything injected, k!!

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