Saturday Sippin’

Daily Bites Blog: Introducing Apothic Inferno: Wine with a Whiskey S...:
You know that logo.  Via Apothic

After the carb overload, sugar overload, and fat devouring I think I should advise you to do nothing more than drink water.

But I will not be that friend.  No way.

This week I’m giving you a mass-produced, easy to pick up, cheap wine.  Truth be told you have probably all had it.  But hey – it’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not trying to be all Food & Drink on you, okay?

Apothic Red: Red Wine from California with black cherry base tone with tastes of mocha and vanilla. A full bodied wine with a smooth finish.:
Total Wine

There she is – Apothic Red.  I have a love hate relationship with this wine.  Let’s do some personal searching over these feelings towards this wine that can be found at Walmart for 8.97 a bottle.


The price – $8.97

Ease of purchasing – Available at Walmart, Target, pretty much every grocery store here.

The taste – A little too sweet for me but it will do.

An easy to share wine for red lovers.


After I drink my favorite wine this stuff tastes like garbage.  You cannot follow up a good Cab with a red blend, folks.  It just isn’t in the natural progression of nature.

It is way sweet.  I prefer much more dry.

Lesson Learned

The loves outweigh the hates.

This is worth the $10 bill you have stashed behind your driver’s license.

If you have not had this wine before I can best describe it as hints of oak, sweetness of blackberries, and maybe a hint of vanilla here and there.  It pairs nicely with sweets (like that pie you are still eating), and hearty stews, and air.

Wine and dinner = winner. Sassy retro humor.:

Happy sipping!



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