Happy Thanksgiving

Fall in Blowing Rock, NC:
Via Blowing Rock, NC

My favorite holiday is here.  Today we will (eventually) trade our jammies for warm clothing and go up the road to the mountains.

I am thankful for this house that keeps us warm.  These pajamas that are way too comfy.  Good coffee.  Those kids who are probably arguing right now.  That dude I married.

I am thankful for the mountains that I grew up hating.  The truck that takes us there.  The ability to celebrate this way.

We will eat a traditional Thanksgiving meal and make comments about Blowing Rock.  Generally, the same ones we always make – That’s pretty!  That’s weird?  And we will referree the kids in the backseat.

I am thankful for the food we do not worry about.  I am thankful for these quaint little towns we love.  I am thankful for my vision, my hearing, and the fact I haven’t lost my voice from yelling.

Eventually, we will make it to the tree farm and if we’re lucky we will agree on a tree before any arguments break out or before someone trips over a stump and cries their eyes out.  We will enjoy hot apple cider and hopefully not end up in Tennessee.

I am thankful for those mountain tree farmers.  The ability to freely celebrate Christmas without persecution.  I am thankful for bouncing excited kids who still think a kiss from mama can heal the cut.  I am thankful for GPS and often getting lost *during the day* with my husband.  Had we not been lost so many times we wouldn’t have seen some of the unheard of nooks and crannies of this state.

Down the mountain and back to Wilkes County we will stop in to see one of the husband’s oldest friends.  Our kids will play and we will all talk and laugh and eat some snacks before we go further down the road to our home.

I am thankful for friends and friends who have kids that are our kids ages!  I am thankful for conversation and laughter.

We will pull in our driveway with sleepy kids.  They will get into their pajamas while my husband brings the tree in.  At some point the kids will fall asleep with the football game blaring in the background.  We’ll put them in their beds and then melt into the couch with a glass of wine and watch television and talk about the day.

I am thankful for this life I have.  It isn’t glamorous for sure.  But it is blessed and it is good.  I am thankful for a day to remember to be thankful and to be reminded of what really matters – people.

And guys…I am thankful for you.  Happy Turkey Day.  Eat large, wear the stretchy pants, laugh so hard you almost spill your wine.



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