It’s A Bench!

Quick history lesson this Tuesday morning.  In 2014 our house literally fell apart and had to be very intricately pieced and moved.  Not really that easy with a 80-year-old home!  When we moved it we updated it fully and had a lot of old pieces removed from the interior for updates.  Some of the item removed were old doors.

Now you are caught up.  We can come back into the present!

There were roughly four old doors removed from the house.  When I say old I do mean actual eighty year old doors!  They were beautiful but over time they were damaged, beaten, and bruised.  I updated those doors with new doors made with a vintage design (we call them barn doors in 2016).  For two years the old doors sat in our workshop.  We even decided at one point to sell them.  Then my husband got a wild hair and this week I’m showing you what he created (not I) with two of the doors from our home.

Once again I have to apologize for not having any before photos.  Wait, I have one but it really does not do justice to this project’s true before picture.  I am giving you a photo with a lot of writing on it to go by.


I should note that I also do not have any before pictures really because the husband started this project in the wee hours of the morning in October – we’ll say 3AM.  Yeah, I sleep then but being that he is part Opossum he does not.

Two doors were used – they both were about 8 feet in height.  Since that is a bit of overkill for a bench he trimmed the first door down to about five feet by cutting off the bottom section and repurposing it for the storage area of the bench.  Door two was cut into sections and also used to create the storage box.


My job was to pick out paint.  You will notice that 90% of the time I pick hues of grey.  This time I stuck with my grey but also went deeper into the blue family.  This color is yet another Valspar shade – Twilight Blue.

The hubs sanded his creation down and I put on the first coat of paint. After that this totally became his baby (that got ALL of his down time, resentful I was).

Two weeks from the night he started it he brought it into the house…


And this my friends is what happens when your husband takes two old doors and has a creative thought process!

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19 thoughts on “It’s A Bench!”

  1. Your Mr. did real good; well besides marrying you :-)!!!! I love it, the color, the sentiment…it’s so pretty and love the added wreath!!!! And any added storeage is a Winner!! Well done Mr. B!!!!

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