I should be doing laundry…


Or running twenty-five miles!  Hey guys!  Happy Monday.  There is a lot to celebrate today.  The first being that it is a holiday week and to me the true kick off to the holiday season.  This post is going to be a big, fat hodge podge of just plain out stuff!  Stuff from the weekend and week ahead.

Here’s the million dollar question to set this post in motion – How was your weekend?

We had a really great weekend here in our little part of North Carolina.  Friday was so tiring that I was in bed and snoring (no, I do not snore really but I could have since I was that tired) by 9:30.  Honestly, I think my nine year old tucked me into bed that night!  We curled up in my bed to watch Cupcake Wars on Netflix and home girl said, “Mom, if fall asleep I’ll tuck you in and go on to bed myself.”  That happened!

Saturday I did something I have been really wanting to do all month.  I cleaned my car.  Having two kids in a sedan is a true mess.  The four year old is a disaster waiting to happen without adding in a snack in the car.  His side of the backseat was no joke.  I’m surprised the vacuum didn’t go on strike on me while I was cleaning it out!  We got the whole car in tip top shape and even bought an apple cinnamon Little Tree to make it smell like Christmas.  (A welcome change after a bottle of cleaning solution spilled in the trunk giving my car a lavender slash medically sanitized smell for two weeks!)

Can I tell you now how much I love my mama?  She called offering to take my son with her for the day so my daughter and I could have a much needed and warranted “girl’s day”.  Both of us ladies really appreciated the break from the wired 220 little man we love to pieces.  We enjoyed some shopping (craft shopping of course) and walking through Pet Smart (the daughter’s choice).  There was a cat adoption going on and if you know me you know I am nowhere near being a cat person but they were pretty cute trying to get our attention.  I also kind of fell in love with a reptile.  Just typing that feels terribly wrong.  There were two bearded dragons that were so comical to watch.  One was really wanting our attention and curious about us while the other was murdering the bottom of his aquarium.  No, Santa, I do not want a bearded dragon.


One of my favorite stores is TJ Maxx.  Every time I go in there I just enter a zone of sheer happiness.  Unfortunately, this trip was a bust.  The Christmas items they had were few and not really pretty or enticing.  I currently have no interest in clothing.  A short trip it was!  After lunch we hit up Walmart – different Walmarts around here have different items.  I scored these fabulous ugly sweater, fleece lined leggings.  I doubt I wear them in public but I have enjoyed how cozy they are!


If you follow me on Snapchat then you are aware that I had an epic mom fail last week.  My daughter swims and I missed the window to register her for meet number two.  I played the whole keep it hush hush and it will go away card and it backfired on me in a very large way.  Thursday night after swim my darling daughter went into a monologue of how excited she was about competing and wondering who all would come out to see her swim.  I believe my heart dropped straight into my feet.  I broke the news to her that I hadn’t got her registered in time and then watched the life fade right out of her.  Hashtag dammit.  So I vowed to make this up to her because that’s what us good moms do, right?


Making it up to her consisted of inviting some of her friends over on Saturday night to play, paint, and eat pizza.  I hope she enjoyed it because I do not see that happening again for a long, long time.

Speaking of that play date – I had one of my own!  My friend Heather came over on Saturday night and we sipped wine and crafted.  I hate myself for not picking up the phone and taking way too many pictures.  Heather is a fabulous crafter and she made a beautiful Christmas garland and wreath.  I started on my yarn poms to make garland for my tree.  Being that I bought very thin yarn it may be ready by Christmas 2018.


Did you catch Saturday Night Live with Kristen Wiig on Saturday?  I did – well part of it.  I did laugh more than I usually do at her comedy.  However, it wasn’t my favorite episode.  Did anyone else fall into the SNL addiction situation of the 1990’s like I did?  That used to be my jam!  I remember being so excited to stay up on Saturday and watch it back in the Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, and Adam Sandler days.  The show has really had some major ups and some total downs but it still remains pretty strong.  My favorite comedienne today on the show is by far Kate McKinnon.  That woman is plain out funny.  My favorite skit of her’s?  Its right here.


Sunday morning I was up and ready to go do my Sunday School service!  Only to realize after a brief check in with the fabulous Cristy (every church needs a Cristy) that I am covering next Sunday.  I was not bummed because I was excited to be in worship.  Our minister has a way with conveying messages to us that is just genuinely a blessing.  I could go on and on about Sunday’s lesson but I will hold up and stop right here.  It may creep into a blog post down the road as I still digest his words.

Oh by the way we had Thanksgiving with my mom’s family on Sunday.  I’m still stuffed.


This week on the blog I’m posting every day?!  I can promise you there will be no food post this week.  I think we will all be sick of feasting – total first world problem there – and the last thing on my agenda is to make you want to blow those groceries from over consumption via the mouth or eye.

Today, though, I am working and celebrating the blessings of life with a four year old and his preschool.  I’m going to go through this week with my eye on the most blatant issue at hand – true Thanksgiving.  My goal is to keep the stress of this life pushed away and focus on the good stuff – two kids who drive me up the wall that I wouldn’t trade anything in any life for; a husband who I may not see a lot but who I couldn’t imagine not bickering with or smiling over; a mountain of laundry; a body that I can push to the point of no return in the gym just to be able to not feel too terribly bad about the holiday carbs I’m about to ingest; and this life as a whole – I am so incredibly, awesomely, amazingly blessed and I don’t deserve any drop of blessing that I have received in good or bad times.

And guess what – I’m so thankful for you.



11 thoughts on “I should be doing laundry…”

  1. You are a blessing to me! I love your hodge lodge and your yarn balls….my sweet late MIL taught me how to make them…so cute!!! I’m sorry about the swimming mama, pizza and friends do make it better. I’ve got to get back on my workouts too, we will feel much better won’t we!! Love ya to pieces angel and let’s kick off this Holiday season with gusto!! xo


  2. YES to the SNL addiction and now it just is not the same. Major ups and downs for me. Yay that it is Thanksgiving week 🙂 Enjoy it in all it’s glory! Have a wonderful Monday.


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