Saturday Sippin’

Saturdays are made for a few wonderful things like laundry…meh.  Shopping!  Being lazy?  Catching up with friends!  And of course sipping good drinks.  This week I’m showcasing another wine.


This has to be labeled my most favorite wine of all.  When I drink a cab this is what I am looking for.  Three Thieves Cabernet Sauvignon is fabulous!  This California wine is full of body and as the bottle says the three men behind Three Thieves – this wine isn’t reserved for kings but rather a privilege of life.

If you are not a fan of dry red then stay away and go find your Pinot.  If you are a connoisseur of grande Cabernet then you have found your liquid savior of the wines.

Yes, I love it that much.

This wine is fabulous paired with a delicious rare steak and vegetables.  Perhaps you would like to try it with a chocolate mousse pie?  Or maybe you would like to sip it by the fireside?  Anyway you choose you will LOVE it.

Check out Three Thieves online for local retailers.  Sam’s Club has been carrying this wine as well.




7 thoughts on “Saturday Sippin’”

    1. Yes, try that wine. It is too good! Yes, my last blog was a blogger blog and I am much happier with WordPress. I was nervous about using WordPress but after a week of playing around on here *before publishing anything* I figured out I loved it a lot more than Blogger. Very streamlined and easy to utilize!


  1. Good morning Amanda, I LOVE a good reccomendation for wine and this one sounds amazing. I like that you can pair it with so many yummy things. I am excited to give it a try. My holy grail wine is Purple Cowboy and this sounds similar. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to these posts all week!


  2. Oh yum, this sounds really good! I live in Pennsylvania and we have to buy alcohol at state stores, you can’t get it at any old place. But they recently changed some laws to allow certain places to carry it, and I hope Sam’s Club is one of those places ! That would be life changing!!


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