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Are you all doing the happy dance since it is Friday?  I know I am!  Can I confide in you quickly?  I love how we celebrate Friday but it also makes me a little sad.  These weeks fly by so incredibly fast that I feel a bit bad being so happy another week in this life is wrapping up.  Maybe, just maybe, I will do a whole week of posts celebrating every day like we seem to celebrate Friday.  Just a thought!

Mrs. Laura Horton reminded me my blog does not have a Bloglovin’ button.  I want to thank her for reminding me and also let you know the format of my blog is not compatible with the Bloglovin’ widget.  That really is uncool.  However, my blog is on Bloglovin’!  If you click here you can go to the page and follow me (please!!!).

Around here this week I posted some fun stuff like last Saturday’s sippin’ post!  Check it out for a weekly adult drink review – mainly wine – last weekend I shared one of the Cupcake Vineyard wines.  This week’s post will be ready to go tomorrow!  Speaking of last weekend I officially got in the mood.  And yes, you needed to know that.

I have not been cooking too terribly much and that saddens me.  This weekend I do plan on doing a lot of baking and some cooking.  We will be celebrating all things Thanksgiving with my mom on Sunday.  If you are looking for a yummy and easy fall recipe then check out my post from Tuesday.  It is so good!

This girl needed some Hobby Lobby in her life this week.  Unfortunately, the bank account said, “You do not.  Step away.”  I may not have stepped away but I did share more of my own hobby lobbying with you on Thursday.  I made something else, not quite the size of a buffet, but a cute little command center for my kitchen.

Did anyone else have a “trying week”?  I did for sure.  Many things culminated together to make it a toughie.  My kids were in menacing moods, my husband said he would be around this week and was not, my body felt like it is covered in arthritis, and I kind of forgot that whole once a month visitor thing for women *if you catch my flow…I’m so punny!  I’m trying to be more in the moment and to look at the craziness in a different light – a light of blessing.  Read this post I wrote on Wednesday if you can identify!

Pictures from this week….

Thankful this week for:

A good dog who loves us so much!  (The kids too…in small sleepy doses!)

The delicious baked goods of the season.  And the ability to enjoy them without feeling too bad!

Christmas departments!

Group exercise.  I’m so used to being a lone ranger in my workouts that I forget the true joy of being in a group.  This week it was a group of three but we kicked, punched, and round housed like masters.  Watch out Chuck Norris!

Let’s have a great weekend, friends!  Remember you can always add me over on Snapchat (abullnojoke is my name on there).  We have lots fun fun and lots of ankle deep conversation!

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14 thoughts on “Friday & Stuff”

  1. OMG, we are even on the same cycles, so on top of my crud, bloat city, lol!! Yes trying week indeed! Yes, do celebrate Friday everyday my love, we need a week of Fri-YAYS!!!! I do hope the grub is scrumptious on Sunday, I know it will be; let the turkey festivities begin! Look at those precious children….no way are they menacing, lol!! Love ya sweetness to the moon and back! Oh I followed you on Bloglovin…and Twitter too!!!!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA! We are on cycling together- so why in the world aren’t we closer than what? 800 miles? I am a bad judge at mileage LOL. I hope it is good on Sunday too, girlfriend. I need to get in a workout either today (doubt it) or tomorrow (no childcare) before I dig in. How about Aunt Andrea takes the kids for me for a hot second? They’d be perfect for you – they save the crap for me. Love you so much and hope you feel way better this weekend! XoXoXo


  2. The command center rocks! Also YES to celebrating everyday. I can get in such a hurry to move on that I forget about all of the blessings in front of me. Celebrating each day is my goal for next week. Especially with the holidays quickly approaching. Much love to you!


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