From This to That: My Command Board


A couple of weeks ago I was excited to share with you a little something I like to do – refinishing furniture!  You can check out the post of It’s A Buffet here.  This week I’m showing another project of mine.  Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture of this little gem.  I cannot tell you how many projects I have dove head first into only to realize half way through that I failed to take a quick before picture.  Ugh, frustration!

As you know I am kind of addicted to my neighbor.  No worries as there is no need to alert the police.  My neighbor is Snoring Horses Vintage & Antique Shop.  This awesome little store that call’s my great grandfather’s general store home is just simply fabulous.  There is something in the store for nearly every taste.

Originally this was a basic brown, with small shelving inside.  A little ripping, tearing, and paint turned it into a brand new piece!  

In October I was visiting the shop owner, Tammy, and we were looking through some pieces for my home.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted what was probably, at one time, a medicine cabinet.  The door was missing but the hardware for the door was still attached.  The piece was cute but it was obvious that it would need some major love and thought for re-purposing.

My first thought?  If I had a room I could create a little faux fire-place I would let this be the inset.  Quickly, I realized that would not work one bit!

For a couple of weeks this piece just sat in my husband’s workshop.  Then it hit me after attending an North Carolina State football game – I needed red and black paint and a chalkboard or white board.

I painted it bimg_3208right red and then “wiped” black over the top.  My husband removed the small shelving that was built inside it and replaced it with white board.

We added on the hooks to hang my purse and the kids’ book bags (no more, “MOM! Where’s my book bag!?)  The white board is large enough to write down all the important dates for the month, weekly menu, and it also has plenty of room for my to-do lists!  As you can tell I did a quick wipe before the photo…it also serves as a busy piece for the kid when I am cooking.  They draw me masterpieces!

The total cost of my little command center?  From start to finish $15.00.

As we say here in the south – you can’t beat that with a stick. (HA!)

If you’re local to the NC Piedmont Triad visit Snoring Horses Vintage & Antique!  Tell them Amanda sent you.



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