Trying Week Gratitude

It has been a very trying week here.  I do believe we are still adjusting to the time change.  We are all very run down.  The idea we are all fighting off a little immune system villain has also crossed my mind.

My kids are arguing more than normal.  My son is doing more Dennis The Menace type activities.  The daughter, well, she is a pre-teen as they come.  The husband isn’t here due to work.

And here I am with that last nerve we all talk about shortening quickly by the second.

My house is a chaotic mess with toys scattered about, milk still on the counter from breakfast, and laundry summoning me with a pounding voice.

There is dinner to be made, homework to be gone over, baths to run, stories to read, chores to complete.

And my knees hurt so bad.

I don’t like myself when things are going on what seems to be a downward spiral.

But it is November.

Thank God for November and the reminders of gratitude.

My heart is thankful for two healthy kids who aren’t boring and perfect!  How many people are struggling to have a baby?  And for some reason I was gifted two of them!  In their rebellion they are still my source of joy.

My mind reminds me that we were without this house for an entire fall and holiday season just a few years ago.  Bring on the messes.  We were able to move back into this new old house after all.

Dinner?  Why do I complain?  Cooking is therapeutic to me.  The idea of doing it can fool me into thinking I do not want to carry out the plan but once I get in that kitchen and get rolling I’m smiling.  We aren’t worrying over a meal or groceries.  We are able to make, eat, and enjoy what we feel like.  But first, say the blessing!

My knees are still taking on every single kick, run, and pivot I give them.  Yes, they ache but they work!

That boy I married works so hard and in the end it is all for the three of us here – the two arguing and the one who is asking if 4pm is too early for a glass of wine.  He wears himself down to the point of no reasoning but it is how he shows his dedication and love.

Hard weeks can pull us down in the trenches but it really are these weeks that remind us how we are all just blessed.  For every little instance that drives us up the wall we need to remember the blessing inside the chaos.

So today I tell you I am thankful for this trying week and the ability to overcome it.



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10 thoughts on “Trying Week Gratitude”

  1. The trying times are what we need to give us perspective on the many wonderful things we have in our life. I was even thankful for the asshole that I broke up with a year and a half ago today because without that, I would not have my blog or the determination to be me and free. Hope your week gets better, friend!

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  2. The Blessing inside the chaos….beautiful…..I’m looking for it, it’s there it’s just tough to grasp onto it this week but I do, I do, and you remind me what a blessing it is to have uplifting, smart as a whip friends like you!!! Cheers to the blessings friend, Cheers!!!

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  3. I read in a Bible Study recently “thanksgiving releases peace.” I think that is so true because when we take time to be thankful for the messes, we realize who made the messes, and how much we love those messes. Then, I’m able to have peace (even if the mess is still driving me crazy) because I know it’s for a reason. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all…but, I think you’re on the right track by having a thankful heart.
    Hope your week gets better!! And, 4:00 is perfectly acceptable. 😉


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