A Transition Weekend (?)


I have been strong in my conviction to do Christmas (decorating, music, baking, etc) on November 25th.  However, over the weekend that all was shot to South Georgia because I am admitting to you today….I’m ready.

The daughter and I composed a Christmas “bucket” list on Friday night.  I created a shopping list for all females in our families.  The Penatonix Christmas music has been pumping.  I also picked up a red cup and steered away from my traditional Skinny Caramel Macchiato and tried a Caramel Brulee Latte *never again will I leave my macchiato behind*!

If you look at the photo that is in the top right corner take in that autumn color!!!  That is my backyard and it is so rich in golds, burnt reds, and orange.  This is why I have such difficulty embracing Christmas before Thanksgiving!  Our world is just breath-taking in the best colors of the year and red and green just clash with it!

The fact that Saturday night was freezing (literally, here we made it down to the 20’s) just added to it.  If it is going to be cold then it better be the holidays.

I will not put a tree up this week because we get a real tree to support NC Tree Farmers but I may, just may, add in some hints of Christmas this week.  (Of course it cannot mesh with my Thanksgiving happy!)



Today I am linked up with Johannah!  She was in the Christmas spirit this weekend too 🙂

I am also linked up at B Loved Boston & Healthy Diva Life 🙂



22 thoughts on “A Transition Weekend (?)”

  1. CUTEST Oompah EVAH!!!!!!!!! ha ha! LOVE your Fall foliage, it’s dropping fast here…..50’s here this week too and lots of sunshine, mama needs her vitamin D. I did get my first red cup but divided it over a couple days cause I was in a “cold” tea mode, lol. I’m getting the itch, boys Christmas list started and Penatonix on repeat over here too!! so good! Happy Monday, soak in the color friend!!!

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  2. Your backyard is beautiful! We’ve had very little signs of fall here. Our trees go from green to bare. Boring! I would love to sip some coffee on your back porch with that view!
    I love your puffer vest! Cute!! Hope you have a fantastic week, friend. Stay warm!

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  3. Woohoo for Penatonix! My husband was the one that introduced me to them. I also do not decorate before Thanksgiving, but have been really struggling with that this year 🙂 We are in the 40’s here this week and I am ready for cold temps for a bit. Have a great start to your week!

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    1. Aren’t they (Penatonix) great? My daughter is in love with them too! What is up with us post Thanksgiving decorator girls wanting to get ahead of the game this year? Brrr 40’s! I like cold temps at the holidays but when I get cold I stay cold so girl, I just don’t know!

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  4. And I thought my house was cold with our upper 50’s and my refusal to turn on the heater! I am holding off on Christmas until turkey day is over but I am dying! No Holly Channel, Starbucks or decorations, its a tough life! I want to hang out in your backyard, so beautiful!


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