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Perfectly said.  Thank you to all of the veterans who protect us.:
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Happy Veteran’s Day!  I think it is appropriate to open this post with a deeply genuine notice of gratitude to every man and woman who has served the United States of America.  You are the backbone of this country and the definition of hero.  I praise you all for your work to keep our country and many other countries around the world safe.  My prayer is that our society will honor you and reward you for your service one day with appropriate pay, medical care, and options for post service.  You deserve the best.

What a week…

Do you ever have a week that feels like it is full of Mondays?  That best describes the past seven days around here.  I turned thirty-five on Sunday and enjoyed lunch at, wait for it, K&W Cafeteria.

Note:  The pumpkin pie was not mine!  I think I need this meal again this Sunday!

Hey, it was my choice!  If you are not blessed enough to have a K&W then God bless your heart.  Its home cooked food in a cafeteria style setting.  All I wanted was turnip greens, cabbage, sweet potato casserole, and pecan pie and guess what?  I got it!

My Monday work out was fabulous thanks to my new shoes!  Finally, some relief for my Achilles tendonitis with shoes made just for that issue.  Tuesday morning brought a change of work plans so I got in a morning run.  It was so very needed!  I’m so glad I forced myself, yes I said that, to Wednesday Combat Class.  It felt good to punch some air ninjas and perfect my Chuck Norris skills.  Last night I got in four miles after having a super heavy carb day.  What is wrong with me?

My Facebook page was pretty popular on election night.  I was trying to stay awake to see who would win so that meant a lot of texting with my best friend and posting stupid status updates to the ole Facebook account.  The most popular?

That status was noticed by so many people.  When I was out this week that was the first thing people said to me – I wanted Taco Bell too!  Or Did you get that Taco Bell?  Or my favorite, “I wasn’t hungry until I read that post!  Then all I could think about was burritos!”

I am so glad I could make a difference in so many lives for food cravings.

In braggy parent news:  My daughter got all A’s on her first report card of third grade!  I’m so proud of her but to be honest I didn’t expect any less.  That kid has set the bar high for herself.  I cannot wait to see what that bull-headed, booking loving, swims-like-a-fish, kid of mine does with her life!  Oh and I let her pick dinner last night in honor of her hard work.

She picked Taco Bell.

There were three blog posts here this week….this is my tenth post here on CC&K!

My One Debt of Gratitude

November Food & Drink

Birthday Interview: Amanda is 35

This weekend is looking to be much better than last weekend – I hope.  The kids are out of school today so we will grab breakfast, run errands, and come home to do some cooking and baking.  I am also looking forward to a chicken stew on Saturday night.  Unfortunately, it is truly fall here now and the temperatures are dipping into the low thirties now.  In case you do not know me – I do not do cold.

Here’s hoping we have a peaceful, fun, and loving weekend ahead.  Be thankful today!



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13 thoughts on “This Week”

  1. Look at that grub!! We used to have a restaurant like that called MCL Cafeteria, my daddy used to love to go there on Sunday’s; their pie and fried chicken was my fav. Baby girl….brilliant like her mama!!! I’m picturing you with your mad combat skills….go girl, go!!! I do hope this weekend is dang right spectacular girlfriend!!!! Luvs ya to pieces!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. K&W is frequented highly by the retirement population! But ya know what? They know good food! I wish I was as smart as my kid. I remember being her age and struggling with math so incredibly badly and she’s got a 99 in there! I’m so proud of her! I hope and pray you are feeling better today sweetie as well as the Mr. I also hope your weekend is going to be dang right spectacular too! Love you very much! xoxoxox


  2. I have never heard of the K&W. We have no cafeteria style places to t that LOOKS like comfort food 🙂 I would have been all about that pumpkin pie or pecan pie…or just pie. Yay for all A’s. That Taco Bell comment is so funny. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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